Algiers 3 University

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Coordinates: 36°45′24.3″N2°59′1.6″E / 36.756750°N 2.983778°E / 36.756750; 2.983778


University of Algiers 3
جامعة الجزائر 3
Established2009;12 years ago (2009)

University of Algiers Brahim Soltane Chaibout , commonly called the University of Algiers 3 (Arabic : جامعة الجزائر 3, French : Université d'Alger 3), is an Algerian public university located in Dely Ibrahim (Algiers Province) in the north of the country.

It was established in accordance with Executive Decree No. 09-341 of 22 October 2009 after the division of the University of Algiers to three universities (University of Algiers 1, University of Algiers 2 and University of Algiers 3). [1]

Faculty and Institutes

The faculties and institute of the University of Algiers 3 are as follows: [1]

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