Algy Ward

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Algy Ward
Birth nameAlasdair Mackie Ward
Born (1959-07-11) 11 July 1959 (age 62)
Croydon, London, England
Occupation(s) Bass guitarist, singer
InstrumentsVocals, bass, guitar, drums, keyboards
Years active1976–present
Associated acts The Saints, The Damned, Tank

Alasdair Mackie "Algy" Ward (born 11 July 1959) is an English rock and roll bass guitarist and singer. He is perhaps best known for founding and playing in Tank, which was a part of new wave of British heavy metal movement. [1] He also played with The Damned and before that The Saints.


Career with The Saints

Alasdair Mackie Ward first rose to fame by joining the Australian punk rock band The Saints, replacing their former bassist Kym Bradshaw. Ward's first appearance with the band was in 1977 on their third single, "This Perfect Day." He also played on their second album Eternally Yours and third album Prehistoric Sounds , both released the same year, just as the band began to experiment with a jazzier R&B sound. A little after the release of Prehistoric Sounds, The Saints temporarily disbanded, and when the band got back together with their more post-punk driven sound, Ward was replaced by Janine Hall.

Career with The Damned

After The Saints disintegrated, Ward joined the influential English punk band The Damned. The band recorded their comeback album Machine Gun Etiquette in 1979 and released it the same year. Critics and fans alike were pleasantly surprised and applauded the band for making a successful bounce back to the scene, with a new, developing gothic style of rock. Ward played on all the songs on the album. He played with the band for a short time after the album's release, even performing with the band on The Old Grey Whistle Test before he was fired from the group due a strong amount of animosity between himself and drummer Rat Scabies. He was replaced by former Eddie and the Hot Rods bassist Paul Gray.

Career with Tank

After his career with The Damned, Ward began to express interest in the burgeoning new wave of British heavy metal movement, which was kicked off shortly before he left The Damned by bands like Witchfynde and Saxon. Ward planned to create a new band, which he called Tank. He hired Peter and Mark Brabbs to play with him, and in 1980 Tank was officially formed. In 1982, they released their debut album Filth Hounds of Hades , which has been a landmark album in the NWOBHM movement. Shortly before their third record This Means War was released, Mick Tucker became the second guitarist, and shortly after the release, the Brabbs brothers left. They were replaced by Cliff Evans on guitar, Graeme Crallan on drums, and later Michael Bettel on drums. After their fifth album (which was self-titled) was released in 1987, growing disputes over musical direction and lack of commercial success grew more frequent, which led the band to split in 1989.

Resurrection and second split-up

In 1997, Tank reformed with Ward on vocals and bass, Bruce Bisland on drums, and Tucker and Evans on guitars. They recorded and released one more album as the original Tank, entitled Still At War in 2002. However, the reunion was short lived, as legal disputes and recording issues for their supposed seventh studio album Sturmpanzer caused the band to split up once again in 2006.

Dual Tanks

In 2008, a new Tank was announced, fronted by Tucker and Evans. This Tank has recorded and released three new albums: War Machine in 2010, War Nation in 2012, and Valley of Tears in 2015. The band went on tour to support the album through 2016. [2] In response to the new Tank, Ward created another Tank, in which he was the sole musician. Ward began to work on a new Tank album, which became Breath of the Pit , in 2013. Shortly after this, he teamed up with friend EVO from Warfare to record a six track EP entitled Damned unto Death released as simply EVO/ALGY. That same year, after years of rumors, Ward confirmed he was in the studio working on the seventh Tank album, Sturmpanzer which was released in November 2018. [3]

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