Alice Lake

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Alice Lake
Lake, 1921
Born(1895-09-12)September 12, 1895
DiedNovember 15, 1967(1967-11-15) (aged 72)
Years active1912–1936
(m. 1924;div. 1925)
Relatives Anita Linda (niece)

Alice Lake (September 12, 1895 – November 15, 1967) [1] was an American film actress. She began her career during the silent film era and often appeared in comedy shorts opposite Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. [2]



Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lake began her career as a dancer. [3] She made her screen debut in 1912, and she appeared in a number of comedy shorts by Mack Sennett. Lake was often the leading lady of Fatty Arbuckle in comedies such as Oh Doctor! (1917) and The Cook (1918). Arbuckle directed both films and was joined by Buster Keaton who had a leading role in Oh Doctor!.

Lake also played dramatic roles with Bert Lytell in Blackie's Redemption and The Lion's Den, both from 1919. During the 1920s she appeared in a number of Metro silent film features as the lead actress. At the height of her career she earned $1,200 per week as a motion picture actress. Lake had only limited success in dramatic roles. Following the introduction of talkies, her parts in films began to wane and she only performed in supporting roles. Her last appearance in film was in 1935 with a bit part in Frisco Kid. In all her screen credits numbered ninety-six. [4]

Personal life

In March 1924, Lake married fellow actor Robert Williams, but they were divorced in 1925. [5] The couple separated and reunited three times before they permanently separated. Williams was a vaudeville performer who had appeared in a number of stage plays. He was previously married to singer Marion Harris. Lake was the aunt of Filipina actress Anita Linda. [6]


Lake died of a heart attack at Paradise Sanitarium in Hollywood, California. [7] She was 72. She was buried at Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood.

For her contribution to the motion picture industry, Alice Lake has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1620 Vine Street.

Selected filmography

1916 The Moonshiners Lady Jocelyn
1916 The Waiters' Ball A Fair Customer
1916 A Creampuff Romance Alternative title: His Alibi
1916The Grab Bag Bride
1917 The Butcher Boy Uncredited
1917 A Reckless Romeo WifeAlternative title: A Creampuff Romance
1917 The Rough House Mrs. Rough
1917 His Wedding Night
1917 The Texas Sphinx
1917 Coney Island Undetermined RoleUncredited
1917 A Country Hero SchoolteacherLost film
1918 Out West Salvation Army WomanAlternative title: The Sheriff
1918 The Bell Boy Cutie Cuticle, manicurist
1918 Moonshine Moonshiner's Daughter
1918 Good Night, Nurse! Crazy Woman
1919 Camping Out
1919 The Lion's Den Dorothy Stedman
1919 A Desert Hero Lost film
1919 Lombardi, Ltd. Norah Blake
1919 Blackie's Redemption Mary Dawson
1919 Full of Pep Felicia Bocaz
1920 The Misfit Wife Katie Malloy
1920 The Garage Undetermined RoleUncredited
1921 The Hole in the Wall Jean OliverLost film
1921 Over the Wire Kathleen Dexter
1922 More to Be Pitied Than Scorned Viola LorraineLost film
1922 Environment Sally 'Chicago Sal' Dolan
1922 I Am the Law Joan CameronUnknown/presumably lost
1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway Bubbles Revere
1923 Modern Matrimony Patricia Waddington
1923 The Unknown Purple Jewel Marchmont
1924 The Law and the Lady Marion Blake
1924 The Dancing Cheat 'Poppy' Marie Andrews
1925 The Price of Success Ellen Harden
1926 Broken Homes Arline
1926 The Truth About Men'Dora
1926 The Wives of the Prophet Judith
1926 The Hurricane The Wife
1927 The Angel of Broadway GoldieLost film
1927 Roaring Fires Sylvia SummersLost film
1928 Runaway Girls Agnes BradyLost film
1929 Untamed Justice Ann
1934 The Girl from Missouri Paige's ManicuristUncredited
1934 Babes in Toyland TownswomanUncredited
1935 Frisco Kid Undetermined RoleUncredited


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