All Japan High School Soccer Tournament

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All Japan High School Soccer Tournament
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RegionFlag of Japan.svg  Japan
Number of teams48
Current championsYamanashi Gakuin (2020)
(2nd title)
Television broadcasters NTV, and 43 commercial broadcasters
Website JFA
Soccerball current event.svg 2020 All Japan High School Soccer Tournament

The All Japan High School Soccer Tournament (全国高等学校サッカー選手権大会, zenkoku kōtō gakkō sakka senshuken taikai) of Japan, commonly known as "Winter Kokuritsu" (冬の国立 Fuyu no Kokuritsu), is an annual nationwide high school association football tournament. It is the largest scale amateur sport event in Japan, even as soccer continues to gain more attention.


The tournament, organized by the Japan Football Association, All Japan High School Athletic Federation and Nippon Television, takes place during the winter school vacation period, culminating in a two-week final tournament stage with 48 teams in December to January at National Capital Region side.


Current venues (2020)

Previous venues (since tournament moved to Kanto)



SeasonWinnerScoreRunners–upParticipating famous players
1917Hyogo Mikage Shihan1-0Osaka Meisei
1918Hyogo Mikage Shihan5-1Osaka Meisei
1919Hyogo Mikage Shihan4-1Himeji Shihan
1920Hyogo Mikage Shihan3-0Himeji Shihan
1921Hyogo Mikage Shihan0-0
3-0 R
Kobe Itchū
1922Hyogo Mikage Shihan4-0Himeji Shihan
1923Hyogo Mikage Shihan5-1Kyoto Shihan
1924Kobe Itchū3-0Hyogo Mikage Shihan
1925Hyogo Mikage Shihan1-0Hiroshima Itchū
1927 Soongsil (Korea)6-1Hiroshima Itchū
1928Hyogo Mikage Shihan6-5 aet Pyongyang Kōshin (Korea)
1929Kobe Itchū3-0Hiroshima Shihan
1930Hyogo Mikage Shihan3-2Hiroshima Itchū
1931Hyogo Mikage Shihan6-1 Aichi Daiichi Shihan
1932Kobe Itchū2-1Aoyama Shihan
1933Gifu Shihan8-4 aet Osaka Meisei
1934Kobe Itchū5-3Osaka Meisei
1935Kobe Itchū2-1Tennoji Shihan
1936Hiroshima Itchū5-3Yamanashi Nirasakichū
1937Saitama Shihan6-2Kobe Itchū
1938Kobe Itchū5-0Shiga Shihan
1939Hiroshima Itchū3-0Kyōto Seihō-chū
1940 Posung (Korea)4-0Kobe Sanchū
1946Kobe Itchū2-1Kobe Sanchū
1947Hiroshima Takashi Tsukichū7-1Amagasakichū
1948Hiroshima Koijō2-0Mie Ueno Kita
1949Osaka Ikeda2-0Utsunomiya Kōkkō
1950Utsunomiya Kōkkō4-0Odawara Kōkkō
1951Urawa Kokko1-0Osaka Mikunigaoka
1952Hiroshima Shūdō2-1 aet Yamanashi Nirasaki
1953Hiroshima Higashi Senda
Osaka Kishiwada
1-1 aet
1954Urawa Kōkkō5-2Aichi Kariya
1955Urawa Kōkkō4-1Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita
1956 Urawa Nishi 3-2Hitachi Daiichi
1957Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita4-2 aet Aichi Kariya
1958Kyoto Yamashiro2-1Hiroshima University Tsuki
1959Ichiritsu Urawa1-0Osaka Myōjō
1960Ichiritsu Urawa4-0Iwate Tono
1961Hiroshima Shūdō2-0Kyoto Yamashiro
1962Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka1-0Ichiritsu Urawa
1963Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka2-0 aet Osaka Myōjō
1964Ichiritsu Urawa3-1Utsunomiya Gakuen
1965Ichiritsu Narashino
Osaka Myōjō
0-0 aet
1966Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita
0-0 aet
1967Rakuhoku Kyoto
Sanyo Hiroshima
0-0 aet
1968Ritsumeikan Hatsushiba1-0Sanyo Hiroshima
1969Urawa Minami1-0Ritsumeikan Hatsushiba
1970Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka3-1 Hamana Shizuoka
1971Ichiritsu Narashino2-0Toyo Ehime
1972Urawa Ichiritsu2-1 aet Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
1973Kansai Hokuyo2-1Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
1974Itabashi Teikyo3-1 Shimizu Higashi
1975Urawa Minami2-1Shizuoka Kogyo
1976Urawa Minami5-4 Shizuoka Gakuen
1977Itabashi Teikyo5-0Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Naoji Ito
1978Ibaraki Furukawa Daiichi2-1Muroran Ohtani
1979Itabashi Teikyo4-0Yamanashi Nirasaki
1980Ibaraki Furukawa Daiichi2-1 Shimizu Higashi Akira Komatsu
1981Saitama Bunan2-0Yamanashi Nirasaki Osamu Taninaka
1982 Shimizu Higashi 4-1Yamanashi Nirasaki
1983Itabashi Teikyo1-0 Shimizu Higashi
1984Itabashi Teikyo
Nagasaki Shimabara Shogyo
1-1 aet Hiroaki Matsuyama
1985 Shimizu Shogyo 2-0Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Hisashi Kurosaki
1986Shimizu Tokai University Shogyo2-0Nagasaki Kunimi Ademir Santos
1987Nagasaki Kunimi1-0Shimizu Tokai University Shogyo
1988 Shimizu Shogyo 1-0Ichiritsu Funabashi
1989Ehime Minamiuwa2-1Saitama Bunan Yoshihiro Nishida
1990Nagasaki Kunimi1-0 aet Kagoshima Jitsugyo
1991Itabashi Teikyo
Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo
2-2 aet Masanobu Matsunami
1992Nagasaki Kunimi2-0Kyoto Yamashiro
1993 Shimizu Shogyo 2-1Nagasaki Kunimi Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, Hidetoshi Nakata
1994Ichiritsu Funabashi5-0Itabashi Teikyo Seigo Narazaki
1995Kagoshima Jitsugyo
Shizuoka Gakuen
2-2 aet
1996Ichiritsu Funabashi2-1Tōkō Gakuen Shunsuke Nakamura
1997Higashi Fukuoka2-1Itabashi Teikyo Yasuhito Endō, Koji Nakata
1998Higashi Fukuoka4-2Itabashi Teikyo Keiji Tamada
1999Ichiritsu Funabashi2-0Kagoshima Jitsugyo Daisuke Matsui
2000Nagasaki Kunimi3-0Kusatsu Higashi Marcus Tulio Tanaka, Yoshito Ōkubo
2001Nagasaki Kunimi3-1Gifu Kogyo
2002Ichiritsu Funabashi1-0Nagasaki Kunimi
2003Nagasaki Kunimi6-0Chikuyo Gakuen Sōta Hirayama
2004Kagoshima Jitsugyo0-0 aet
Ichiritsu Funabashi Keisuke Honda, Shinji Okazaki
2005Shiga Yasu2-1 aet Kagoshima Jitsugyo Takashi Inui
2006Morioka Shogyo2-1Kagoshima Sakuyo Ryohei Yamazaki
2007Ryutsu Keizai Kashiwa4-0Fujieda Higashi Genki Omae
2008Hiroshima Minami3-2Kagoshima Josei Yuya Osako
2009Yamanashi Gakuin1-0Aomori Yamada
2010Takigawa Daini5-3Kyoto Kumiyama Ryo Miyaichi, Gaku Shibasaki
2011Ichiritsu Funabashi2-1 aet Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Ryohei Shirasaki, Musashi Suzuki
2012Miyazaki Hōshō2-2 aet
Kyoto Tachibana Naomichi Ueda, Reo Mochizuki
2013Toyama Daiichi3-2 aet Ishikawa Seiryo Tomoya Koyamatsu
2014Ishikawa Seiryo4-2 aet Maebashi Ikuei
2015Higashi Fukuoka5-0Kokugakuin Kugayama
2016Aomori Yamada5-0Maebashi Ikuei
2017Maebashi Ikuei1-0Ryutsu Keizai Kashiwa
2018Aomori Yamada3-1Ryutsu Keizai Kashiwa
2019 Shizuoka Gakuen 3-2Aomori Yamada
2020 Yamanashi Gakuin2-2 aet
Aomori Yamada

Records and statistics

Most successful prefectures

1 Hyōgo 199
2 Saitama 132
3 Shizuoka 1010
4 Hiroshima 96
5 Chiba 83
6 Nagasaki 73
7 Tokyo 65
8 Osaka 59
9 Fukuoka 21
10 Kyoto 26
11 Kagoshima 24
12= Akita 21
12= Ibaraki 21
12= Korea 21

Most successful high schools

High SchoolChampionsRunners-Up
1Mikage Shihan111
2Kobe Itchu72
3=Itabashi Teikyo63
3=Nagasaki Kunimi63
5Ichiritsu Funabashi52

Overall top goalscorers

17 Sōta Hirayama
16 Hideaki Kitajima

Single season top goalscorers

10 Yuya Osako 2008
9 Tomohisa Ishiguro 1999
9 Sōta Hirayama 2003

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