All Nepal Football Association

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All Nepal Football Association
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Short nameANFA
Founded1951;72 years ago (1951)
HeadquartersSatdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal
FIFA affiliation1972
AFC affiliation1954 [1]
SAFF affiliation1997
President Pankaj Bikram Nebmang

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) (Nepali: अखिल नेपाल फुटबल संघ (एन्फा)) is the governing body of football in Nepal. It is responsible for the national team as well as club competitions. The organisation was founded in 1951 as the All Nepal Football Association and became affiliated with FIFA in 1972. The current President of ANFA is Pankaj Bikram Nembang. Its current headquarters is located in the ANFA House in ANFA Complex, Satdobato.



Pre-ANFA (1921–1950)

The entry and initial start-up of football came in Nepal during the Rana regime in 1921. The game was introduced in Nepal by the young players who had learnt this game from other countries. Games was watched by a huge mass of audience and became very famous at that time. However, it is believed that the pioneer of this game in Nepal was Narayan Narsingh Rana of Thamel and Chandrajung Thapa of Naxal.

There were some places, which were used as football ground for palace teams, such as Sujan Khanal, Mrigendra Shamsher Niwas Babarmahal, Mahabir Niwas Tangal Palace, Narshamsher Niwas Singha Durbar, Rudra Shamsher Niwas Bhahadur Bhavan, and Thamel Narsingh camp. Whereas in the decade of 1930s, both local and palace teams commonly used the grounds of Singhdarbar, Chhauni, Gaucharan, Jawalakhel and Lainchaur for playing football. Despite political instability at that time football was played enthusiastically during 1921 to 1990 by various teams without goal posts, but the criterion was that the opponent team could follow the ball to the goal line.[ citation needed ]

Formation of the FA (1288)


Football development in Nepal had only been possible when ANFA started working from root level. Keeping this in mind, ANFA has given its work priority for building fundamental material for the association. Firstly, ANFA has built a hostel in Satdobato, Lalitpur which has shown their dedication toward the development of football in Nepal by opening an ANFA office with a playground. This work of ANFA has been appreciated everywhere. Before starting a major project, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) provided ANFA an opportunity to represent as a model in FIFA congress. ANFA has built technical centers (or football academies) in Chyasal of Lalitpur, Butwal, Rupandehi, Sunsari and Dharan under the roof of the FIFA Goal project. Similarly, ANFA has planned to open technical centers in the Mid-Western and Far-Western development regions of Nepal in the future.


ANFA also runs several competitions:

District federations

There are currently 48 district associations affiliated with the All Nepal Football Association. [2]

Executive committee

Member [3] [4] Office
Pankaj Bikram NembangPresident
Bir Bahadur KhadkaSenior Vice President
Dawa LamaVice President
Birat Jung Shahi
Dipak Khatiwada
Dirgha Bahadur K.C.
Kiran RaiGeneral Secretary
Rabindra JoshiTreasurer
Sarala ShresthaMember
Pema Dolma Lama
Manish Joshi
Anil Malla
Rabindra Chand
Bikas Narayan Shrestha
Bhojraj Shahi
Mahendra Kshetri
Purushottam Thapa
Ramesh Byanjankar
Maniraj Bista
Tika Ram Lama
Bharat Budha Thapa

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Football is one of the major and the most popular sports of Nepal. It is governed by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). The present acting president of ANFA is Karma Kshiring Sherpa. The current top domestic league is the Martyr's Memorial A Division league. The Nepal national football team represents Nepal in all international competitions.

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Martyr in Nepal is a term for some one who is while making contributions for the welfare of the country or society. The term was originally used for individuals who died while opposing the Rana Regime which was in place in the Kingdom of Nepal from 1846 until 1951.

Madhyapur Youth Association is a Nepali association football club based in Thimi, Bhaktapur. They play in the Martyr's Memorial B-Division League. It was founded in 2064 B.S. by former national goalkeeper Upendra Man Singh. In 2012, MYA became the first club from Bhaktapur to reach the Martyr's Memorial A-Division League but got relegated in the same season.

ANFA Complex is a football stadium and training facility and hosts the headquarters of All Nepal Football Association in Lalitpur, Nepal built in 1999 by All Nepal Football Association. It consists of ANFA House, an ANFA Academy a hostel, and a football ground.

The 1999 ANFA National League Cup was a domestic cup association football competition organised by the All Nepal Football Association. It was held on 20 November to 30 November 1999, and was called the 1999 ANFA Coca-Cola National League Cup for sponsorship reasons.

The 2016 Martyr's Memorial B-Division League season, also known as the RedBull Martyr's Memorial B-Division League for sponsorship reasons, was the 2016 edition of the second-tier club football competition in Nepal. The season began on 21 August 2016 and concluded on 5 October 2016. It was the first B division league held since 2014 due to the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. All matches were played at Halchowk Stadium and the ANFA Complex.

The 2017 SAFF U-15 Championship was the 4th edition of the SAFF U-15 Championship, an international football competition for men's under-15 national teams organized by SAFF. Since most teams use to send their U-15 team keeping in mind 2018 AFC U-16 Championship qualification it has been officially changed to U-15 tournament. The tournament was hosted by Nepal from 18–27 of August, 2017 at ANFA Complex, Satdobato and Halchowk Stadium. Six teams from the region took part, divided into two groups.

The 2020–21 Martyr's Memorial B-Division League was the 2020-21 season of the Martyr's Memorial B-Division League. A total of 12 teams competed in the league. The season started on 23 February and concluded on 5 March.

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The 2021–22 Martyr's Memorial A-Division League, also known as the Qatar Airways Martyr's Memorial A-Division League for sponsorship reasons, was the 44th edition of the Martyr's Memorial A-Division League since its establishment in 1954/55. A total of 14 teams competed in the league.

The 2022 Martyr's Memorial B-Division League season was the 2022 edition of the Martyr's Memorial B-Division League. It started on 2 March 2022.

Chyasal Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in the Chyasal neighborhood of Lalitpur in Bagmati Province of Nepal. It is mainly used for soccer matches and has a grass playing surface.

The 2023 Martyr's Memorial A-Division League will be the 45th edition of the Martyr's Memorial A-Division League since its establishment in 1954/55. A total of 14 teams will compete in the league.


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