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  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Revenge
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Action
Written byPradeep Panicker
Directed byPraveen Kadakkavoor
Country of originIndia
Original languageMalayalam
No. of episodes650
  • Anoop Thomas
  • K. Faisal
  • Daveed John
CinematographyKrishna Kodanad
EditorSelvaraj Kurumbakkara
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time15-21 minutes
Original network Asianet
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release22 June 2020 (2020-06-22) 
Preceded by Neelakkuyil

Ammayariyathe (transl.Without the knowledge of mother) is an Indian television crime drama thriller series written by Pradeep Panicker and directed by Praveen Kadakkavoor. The show premiered on 22 June 2020, and airs on Malayalam General Entertainment Channel Asianet, and is also available on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar. [1] It airs at 07:30 PM on Asianet and is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. [2] Ammayariyathe portrays the story of a mother and daughter separated by unfortunate circumstances. [3]



Sulekha is a kind woman who lives happily with her daughter Neeraja and politician husband, Bhaskar. However, their world crumbles when members from Bhaskar's rival party murder him and three youngsters molest Neeraja after encountering her, running away from the crime scene traumatised. 16 year old Neeraja is left comatose for over an year after the incident. Neeraja is soon discovered pregnant with the rapists' child. Sulekha gives the newborn girl child to a man to raise her but he abandons her in a drunken state. The child is believed dead as the waste pit in which the man abandoned her was full of wild animals. A crestfallen Sulekha joins politics and becomes the mayor. Neeraja recovers and forgets everything that happened in her past. Sulekha decides to hide the truth for her good.

Neeraja marries a kind man named Mahadevan, who is oblivious about her past. They have a child named Aparna. Meanwhile, Aleena Peter is a cunning, intelligent and bold woman. She is a budding novelist and a lecturer in the college where Aparna studies. It is revealed that Aleena is Neeraja's daughter, rescued and raised by a righteous lawyer, Peter Tharakan. She is now vengeful towards her mother as she thinks that Neeraja abandoned her after an illicit relationship. And as to revenge, Aleena starts to create problems in Neeraja's family including, breaking Aparna's marriage. Soon, Neeraja and Aparna get to know of this and turn against Aleena. Sulekha realises that Aleena is her granddaughter and reveals the truth about Neeraja to Aleena. Meanwhile, a vengeful Aparna attempts to poison Aleena, but she survives. Aleena vows to revenge her mother's perpetrators.

Aleena learns from Sulekha that the popular film star Vinayachandran 'Vinayan' Menon, the father of Aleena's best friend and Aparna's ex-fiancée Akash as one of Neeraja's rapists. But she refuses to reveal the other two. Soon, Aparna and Mahadevan get to know Aleena and develop a soft corner for her. Aleena reveals what happened to her mother (By portraying Neeraja as another woman that she will never know) to Neeraja. Neeraja feels sympathetic to Aleena and treats her like her own daughter.

Aleena is saved by a man named Ambadi, the son of a major from being kidnapped. He helps her to find the second culprit, Murthy Chandrashekharan, unaware of Aleena's intentions. After multiple meetings and Sulekha's request to secretly body guard Aleena, Ambadi falls for her. But Aleena oblivious for the fact and still considering Ambadi as a good friend, teases him for continuously following her. Their tom and jerry relationship almost comes to an end as Ambadi's uncle, who is a friend of Murthy and Vinayan asks him about her intentions. Ambadi questions about the same to Aleena but she refuses, fearing that Ambadi may hate her of the fact. This creates a tiff between them and both are far away from talking terms. However, during this time Aleena realises her feelings and reveal her past to Ambadi, who is shocked beyond limits. Ambadi allies with Aleena to avenge Neeraja's perpetrators. He reveals Aleena's past to his uncle, hidding the fact that Aleena is the child. His uncle behaves weirdly upon hearing this and tries to convince him that it is a lie. Ambadi grows suspicious of his uncle and decides to spy on him. A shocked Ambadi learns that the third person who molested Neeraja is his uncle, Sachidanandan "Sachi", a politician and Sulekha's rival. He confronts Sachi, angered. Sachi sends goons to kill his party member Rajeev and falsely accuses Ambadi when he was on the way to hi SI training camp. Ambadi is arrested, but Aleena proves his innocence in court, using her intelligence and profession as a lawyer This makes Draupadi, Ambadi's mother, support the Aleena-Ambadi alliance. Later, Mahadevan narrates Neeraja's story to Draupadi. Shocked, Draupadi ousts Sachi. An angered Sachi decides to kill his whole family, including Draupadi. Meanwhile, Aparna's senior Vineeth falls for her and wants to marry her. However, Aparna's marriage gets fixed with Giridhar "Giri", a businessman. However, it is revealed that Giri is a goon sent by Sachi to kill Aparna as revenge against Aleena. However, Aleena and Ambadi are suspicious of Giri and plot to save Aparna. Sachi plans to kill Mahadevan during the marriage. Giri attempts to shoot Mahadevan but fails, and Giri dies in the process.

The family is tense about Aparna's wedding. Ambadi and Aleena come up with an idea to get Aparna married to Vineet as it was his wish. The family agrees except Aparna, but the couple gets married. It is revealed that Giri's real name was Narendra and was a wanted criminal. Aparna and Vineeth fail to lead a peaceful married life.

Meanwhile, Vinayan dies mysteriously. The police interrogate Vinayan's wife, Nanditha and his son, Aakash. Aakash blames Aleena for Vinayan's death. Meanwhile, Narendra's twin brother Jitendra is introduced. He plants a bomb in Neeraja's car. Neeraja's car explodes and she is presumed dead. Later, Neeraja returns to the house safe and unharmed, much to everyone's shock. It turns out that it was not Neeraja but Sulekha who died in the crash. Later Ambadi decides to reveal who killed Vinayan to Aleena.It turns out that Neeraja killed Vinayan with a wood log and Ambadi came in the last second and took him to Sachi's guesthouse.The next day Ambadi is going to Hyderabad for I.P.S training camp. Meanwhile, Subhadra's brother is introduced Pankunni.At night Pankunni goes to Neeraja's house and meets Jithendra.Pankunni tries to attack him but fails. Mahadevan mistaking Pankunni for Jithendra hit him with a branch. Jithendra thinks Pankunni was Neeraja's security guard.

After Aparna's change of heart Vineet invites her to his home. At night they both get into a dirty argument. In the argument Subhadra got injured. Vineeth and Pankunni took her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jithendra was on his was to get Aparna. While Jithendra was breaking in Pankunni came and Jithendra hid outside in the dark. Once Pankunni was at the door step Jithendra tried to escape but Pankunni caught him and tried to attack him but failed again. Once Vineet reaches home he decides to part ways with Aparna and stays Strong on his decision.Aparna then finds way to mend Vineeth heart and the two reconcile. Rajini confront Moorthy and reminds him of his concequences. Later Moorthy asks Jithendra to kill her. Jithesh finds Jithendra but gets blown in the head with the hammer. Rajini Shoots Jithendra but he escapes. He keeps a doctors daughter in hostage and finally Aleena realises the truth and goes to the doctor's house and shoots him once. They both get injured and get hospitalized. Jithendran bravely escapes from the hospital.

On the other hand, Ambadi is unaware of what happened to Aleena. He thought that she is angry with him as he doesn't treat Aleena nicely when she came to his training camp. He is heart broken and thinks that she misunderstood him seeing him with his colleague Anupama. So he decided to end up their relationship. He texted Aleena the same. Later they reconcile with the help of Ambadi's mother, Draupadi. Ambadi decides to take a break from training asks his toxic and unethical course director Narasimhan, who is the henchman of vimoosa, to allot a leave of 1 week, saying that his maternal uncle is dead. Anupama, who is vengeful towards Ambadi because of his relation with sachi, request to take her along, only to attack him with goons on the street. She drugs him and wait for the goons to come, but realises the truth the last minute, and rescues him. She reveals her past to Ambadi who decides to help her out. upon reaching his home Ambadi reveals the same to Draupadi, and make matters clear. Aleena ecstatic about Ambadi returning, comes to visit him, only to stumble upon his prank, and leaves heartbroken. Later Ambadi takes Aleena to Anupama'a house and reveals the story. Aleena writes against Sachi and explains what he does in the newspaper. After Sachi sees the newspaper he decides to visit Jithendra.Later Jithendra and Sachi plan a brutal comeback against Neeraja. Ambadi and Aleena's Parents fix their engagement. Sachi tells Jithendra about Aleena and Ambadi's engagement and decide to take someone from the family the night before.Later it is revealed that he took Aparna to his base. Sachi and Moorthy get shocked by who Jithendra got. Meenwhile Ambadi and Aleena start the engagement. Jithendra calls Mahadevan and Informs him about Aparna's state. Mahadevan later faints from being worried about what he heard. He finally reveals everything that happened to everyone. Dominic tracks the location of the phone. Meenwhile Sachi and Moorthy to throw Aparna of a cliff and he gets going.Dominic tells Ambadi the cliff's location. Later Ambadi meets Jithendra and fight each other. While Ambadi was about to throw Jithendra of the cliff he got hold of Ambadi's legs they both fall down the cliff.While Ambadi is paralysed and in critical state Jithendra is Presumed dead. It is later revealed that Jithendra is getting healed near the cliff in an Ayurvedic hospital which is owned by Murugheshan and his son Kaaliyan. Later Murugheshan agrees to help Ambadi. Jithendra's cunning actions make Kathir, Kaaliyan's sister fall in love with Jithendra. Kathir tells Jithendra about Ambadi and his condition. Once Shankaramaman leaves Ambadi's room, Jithendra breaks in and meets Ambadi. Jithendra tries to kill Ambadi but Kaaliyan comes at the last second and asks Jithendra what he is doing and Jithendra gets away with a lie. At night Jithendra tries to choke Ambadi but Aleena wakes up and his plan goes to a toss. Jithendra demands a gun from Sachi.Sachi gives Jithendra a gun and he lands into trouble as Kaaliyan finds Jithendra with a gun and Doubts him.Kaliyan said he will give the gun later.The next day in the afternoon Aleena and Kathir go to a nearby temple meanwhile Jithendra breaks into Amabi's room. Miraculosly Ambadi manages to fight back. The next night Jithendra tries to kill Aleena but Jithendra ends up getting thrashed by Ambadi.After learning the news Kaaliyan and Selvan tie Jithendra to a tree for the wolves.The next day Kaaliyan and Selvan find and empty tree with broken strings. It is later revealed that Jithendra is saved by a forest tribe.Meenwhile Dominic advises Kaaliyan to search for Jithendra.Later Jithendra spots Kaaliyan and persuades Panchami ,The tribe leader's daughter to show him a way out of there.Panchami takes Jithendra to a river which connects to a road and Jithendra escapes again! Meenwhile Kaaliyan tells the tribe leader about Jithendra's evil deeds. Later they find Panchami near the river.




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The series was supposed to premiere on 30 March 2020. However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, production and shooting were stalled on 23 March 2020 and Malayalam television shoots were only permitted in June 2020. This caused the premiere to be postponed until 22 June 2020. In the beginning, it aired at 7:30 pm IST, however later it was shifted to 8:00 pm IST before once again getting shifted back to 7:30 pm IST.


This show marks the comeback, after 20 years, of actress Keerthi Gopinath, south Indian actor Anand, and his wife Poornima Anand to Malayalam television. Tamil actress Sreethu Nair, Kannda actor Nikhil Nair make their Malayalam debut in the lead roles. The show also features famous TV-film actors Boban Alummoodan, T.S.Raju, Reena, and actress Parvathy (child actor - Paarijatham) in prominent roles . Salmanul Faris, Yehia Khader, Dileep Shankar and Bindhu Aneesh etc. also appears in this series.


LanguageTitleOriginal AiringNetwork(s)NotesRef.
Malayalam Ammayariyathe22 June 2020 – present Asianet Original
Telugu Ammaku Teliyani Koilamma 19 July 2021 – 27 November 2021 Star Maa Remake [5]

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