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34°21′N117°47.9′W / 34.350°N 117.7983°W / 34.350; -117.7983 ., known for its 360-degree views stretching from the Mojave Desert all the way to the Pacific Ocean, sits on the Pacific Crest Trail and is also named after Mr. Throop. Another landmark named after him is Throop Unitarian Universalist Church, a Pasadena Unitarian Universalist congregation founded in 1923. Throop Street at 1300 West in Chicago also is named for him.

He was allegedly a descendant of Sir Adrian Scrope, the famous regicide, possibly of the English Scrope family. Amos Gager Throop's daughter, Martha married John C. Vaughan, founder of The Vaughan Seed Company. [5]

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Amos Gager Throop
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Throop in 1840
3rd Mayor of Pasadena
In office
Political offices
Preceded by
M.M. Parker
Mayor of Pasadena
Succeeded by
T.P. Lukens
Preceded by
Roscoe Thomas
Member of the Pasadena Board of City Trustees, Seat 1
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T.P. Lukens