Amourous Adventure

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Amourous Adventure
Directed by Wilhelm Thiele
Written by Paul Armont (play)
Marcel Gerbidon (play)
Marguerite Viel
Franz Schulz
Wilhelm Thiele
Produced by Charles Delac
Marcel Vandal
P.J. de Venloo
Starring Albert Préjean
Marie Glory
Jeanne Boitel
Cinematography Nicolas Farkas
Edited by René Le Hénaff
Music by Ralph Erwin
Robert Gilbert
Distributed byTobis Film
Release date
15 January 1932
Running time
85 minutes

Amourous Adventure (French: L'amoureuse aventure) is a 1932 French romantic comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele and starring Albert Préjean and Marie Glory. [1] It was a French language version of the 1932 German film Madame Makes Her Exit which was also directed by Thiele and starred Liane Haid and Hans Brausewetter. [2]


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