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Vazhappilly, Changanassery, Kottayam, Kerala, India
Died14 February 2016
Kochi, Kerala, India
Notable works
ChildrenOne son and two daughters
  • Ramakrishnan Nair (father)
  • Karthyayani Amma (mother)

Anandakuttan (1954 2016) was an Indian cinematographer who worked predominantly in Malayalam cinema. He worked on over 150 films including His Highness Abdullah , Bharatham , Kamaladalam , Sadayam , Chronic Bachelor , Akashadoothu , Harikrishnans , Punjabi House and Aniyathipraavu . He died in 2016, at the age of 61.



In 1954, Anandakuttan was born in vazhappilly, a small town near Changanassery, in Kottayam district of the south Indian state of Kerala, to a school teacher couple, Ramakrishnan Nair and Karthyayani Amma, as their only son among three children. [1] He attended NSS School, Changanassery then moved to Chennai where he studied cinematography [2] to join K. Ramachandra Babu as his assistant. [3] His debut as an independent cinematographer was in 1977, with the movie, Manassoru Mayil , directed by P. Chandrakumar, [4] which started a career which covered over 150 movies, some of which were commercially and critically successful such as His Highness Abdullah , Bharatham , Kamaladalam , Sadayam , Chronic Bachelor , Akashadoothu , Harikrishnans , Punjabi House and Aniyathipraavu . [5]

Anandakuttan was married to Geethamani and the couple had a son, Sreekumar and two daughters named Neelima and Karthika. [3] He died from cardiac arrest on 14 February 2016, aged 61, at a private hospital in Kochi. [6] [7] He was cremated at Ravipuram crematorium. [8]

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