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Location in Kerala, India
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Angamaly (India)
Coordinates: 10°11′46″N76°23′10″E / 10.196°N 76.386°E / 10.196; 76.386 Coordinates: 10°11′46″N76°23′10″E / 10.196°N 76.386°E / 10.196; 76.386
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Ernakulam
City UA Kochi
31 m (102 ft)
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0484
Vehicle registration KL-63
Sex ratio 0.9689 /
Author V.B John ,Actor Chemban Vinod and Antony Varghese, Musician Abin James living in Angamaly. Roji M John is the current MLA
Angamaly Junction angkmaali1.jpg
Angamaly Junction

Angamaly (Aṅkamāli), IPA:  [ɐŋgɐmɐːli] , Malayalam : അങ്കമാലി Situated about 30 km (19 mi) north of the city centre, the town lies at the intersection of Main Central Road (MC Road) and National Highway 544. MC Road, which starts from Thiruvananthapuram ends at Angamaly at its intersection with NH 544. Cochin International Airport is less than 10KM away from the town of Angamaly.


Originally established as a panchayat in May 1952, Angamaly became a municipality in April 1978 and is also a Legislative Assembly constituency from 1965 in the Ernakulam district.

The area is known for the Angamaly police firing in 1959, when police opened fire on protesters who had been demonstrating against Kerala's communist government.

Angamaly is one of the ancient Christian centres of Kerala. There are eighteen and half "Sharries"[ clarification needed ] around Angamaly and there is a history of Buddhist monks in the area.

Nayathode near Angamaly is the birth place of Great poet G. Sankara Kurup, (3 June 1901 – 2 February 1978) better known as Mahakavi G, who was an Indian poet, essayist and literary critic of Malayalam literature. Known as one of the greats of Malayalam poetry, he was the first recipient of the Jnanpith Award―the highest Indian literary honor, when it was instituted in 1965.


Angamaly Carnival 2012 Angamaly Carnival 2012.JPG
Angamaly Carnival 2012

Angamaly is well connected by all means of transport. Cochin International Airport is in the vicinity of Angamaly.

Angamaly railway station, where all major trains stop, serves as a major connectivity point for people from the eastern side of the district to the rest of the country. The railway station is the fifth busiest in Greater Kochi in terms of passenger footfalls and revenue generated, after Ernakulam Junction railway station, Ernakulam Town railway station, Aluva railway station and Tripunithura railway station. There is a proposed railway line from Angamaly to Sabarimala, which will connect the high-ranges with the low land. Progress toward completing the new line is slow as a result of various regional and political issues. The project has however, obtained a new lease of life after the Government of Kerala agreeing to bear half the cost for the project in January 2021. [1]

National Highway 544 connecting Kanyakumari to Salem passes through Angamaly. The NH 17 which connects Kochi and Mumbai is 20 kilometers from Angamaly. Main Central Road (M.C. Road) connecting Central Kerala to Kerala capital serves as an important road connecting many towns in the eastern side of the state.

'Manjaly Thodu' which flows through Angamaly, was a major waterway and Angadikadavu near the old church was an important trade centre in the olden days where spices, rice, bamboo and other agriculture and hill products were sent to the old port of Mozoories. Manjaly Thodu is part of the new National Waterways programme and is getting developed.

Angamaly is enriched with cultural and devotional centres. There are many old churches which are centuries old with well defined frescoes and other murals which are also known for certain historical meetings and decisions that shaped the modern Christianity in the entire India. The new Catholic church built at the heart of the town is regarded as the biggest of its kind in India.[ citation needed ] Vembiliyam Mahadev temple, Paddupusha Bhagavathi temple, Thirunayathodu temple, Krishnaswamy temple, Vengoor Durga Devi temple, Kidangooru temple, Kothakulangara temple, Jain temple, Elavuru temple, Muzhikulam temple are all Hindu pilgrim centres near to Angamaly. There are also several hospitals and educational institutions in the locality.

Angamaly has a state-owned industrial estate at its southern end which has numerous renowned factories. Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. has its headquarters at Angamaly. There are several small-scale cracker manufacturing units in the surrounding areas. Angamaly have a decent contribution to literature in form of books like Kaatadiyanthramgal.

The importance of Angamaly today is mainly revolved around it being a stone's throw away from Kochi city. The town is on the verge of being assimilated with the fast growing city, with the proposed New Kochi Bypass project (from Karayamparambu to Nettoor) starting just north of, [2] and Kochi Metro phase 3 being proposed to Angamaly as well as Cochin International Airport.

The proposed Kochi Global Industrial Finance and Trade (GIFT) city under the Kochi-Bengaluru National Industrial Corridor is proposed at Ayyampuzha, which is close to Angamaly. [3] These developments are expected to catapult Angamaly as a very important part of Kochi city in the immediate future.


Although recorded history does not exist about the origins of Angamaly, legends and local folklore attribute the name Angamaly to the grounds where battles (Ankam in Malayalam language) were conducted at a myal (attributed as a plain ground). Hence a very old battle ground.

Another legend is that the word Angamaly is derived from Akamaly I.e.inland port area.

Several old coins and other artefacts found from the region tells this area was predominant with Buddhists and Jains in very old time. The 18 and a 1/2 'viharas' around Angamaly is a proof for this. Malayatoor, which is Christian devotional centre, is very near to Angamaly. It is said[ by whom? ] that St. Thomas, the Apostlte who was deputed to the region by Jesus Christ came via Angadikadavu in Angamaly using Manjali Thodu to come from Kodungaloor port at AD 58. There are evidence for the churches in the locality built as early as AD 409 and AD 822.[ citation needed ] It was the headquarters of Mar Abraham, Assyrian-Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Angamaly and Hind in the sixteenth century.

Kalady, the birthplace of Adi Sri Sankara is only 7 kilometers from here, it is there the Sanskrit University situates.

Historians records that a massive flood around the 16th century AD made the Angamaly river to change the course forced itself to flow through Aluva area. Now the river is called Chalakudy River and is the fifth longest river in Kerala. Meanwhile, the river in Angamaly became a lesser canal and there by got the name Manjaly Thodu.

Angamaly Police firing

The Angamaly Firing was an incident that took place in Angamaly, Kerala, on 13 June 1959, when police opened fire on protesters who had been demonstrating against Kerala's communist government. Seven people were killed resulting in the intensification of Vimochana Samaram, a protest against the then communist led government. [4] Incidentally, it happened on the 50th birthday of E. M. S. Namboothiripad, the then Chief Minister of Kerala.

Places of interest

Mar Hormizd Syro-Malabar Church Angamaly Mar Hormizd Syro-Malabar Church Angamaly.jpg
Mar Hormizd Syro-Malabar Church Angamaly



Angamaly is a constituency in the Kerala legislative assembly .The Angamaly assembly constituency is part of Chalakudy (Lok Sabha constituency).

Angamaly is a municipality.

ConstituencyName of ConstituencyLeaderParty
ParliamentChalakudyBenny BehananUDF
AssemblyAngamalyRoji M JohnUDF
MunicipalityAngamalyReji MathewUDF



As of 2011 India census, Angamaly had a population of 33,465. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Angamaly has an average literacy rate of 96.47%, higher than the national average of 74.04%; 9% of the population is under 6 years of age.religion-christianity-71.89%, hinduism-27.03%, islam-0.83%.



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Parathanam is a Town at the base of Western Ghats mountain ranges in the Kottayam district, Kerala. It is 2,000 feet above sea level and is situated on the eastern border of Kottayam District, 60 km from Kottayam, 12 km away from Poonjar and around 8 km away from Mundakayam on the NH 220.


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