Anja Schreiner

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Anja Schreiner [1]
Personal info
NicknameThe Angel
Professional career
  • IFBB Pro World Championship [1]
  • 1989 [1]
Best win
Predecessor Tonya Knight [1]
Successor Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls [1]
ActiveRetired 1992

Anja Schreiner is a professional female bodybuilder from Germany. [1]


Bodybuilding career


She began lifting weights to combat scoliosis in her adolescence.


Anja won a narrow victory at the 1991 Ms. International, when she topped Tonya Knight by a score of 30 to 32. It was the first most narrowest victory at the Ms. International. [2]



Currently she is the most successful German bodybuilder of all time. [1]

Contest history

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Ms. International
Preceded by:
Tonya Knight
First (1992)Succeeded by:
Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls