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Coordinates: 07°15′48″N58°28′50″W / 7.26333°N 58.48056°W / 7.26333; -58.48056

Anna Regina
Town and regional capital
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Anna Regina
Location in Guyana
Coordinates: 7°15′48″N58°28′50″W / 7.26333°N 58.48056°W / 7.26333; -58.48056
Country Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana
Region Pomeroon-Supenaam
 (2012) [1]

Anna Regina is the capital of the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region of Guyana. [2] Anna Regina stands on the Atlantic coast, northwest of the mouth of the Essequibo River, 19 km north of Adventure, and was established as a town in 1970. [3] Its population was 2,064 in 2012. [1]

There has been a Dutch plantation at the site since the early 1800s. Later it changed ownership to an Englishman who had two daughters: Anna and Regina. [4]

Anna Regina has a market, a community centre and a secondary school. In June 2009 Republic Bank (Guyana) established a branch in the town.

A number of sites in Anna Regina have historical significance. In 1988, the Damon Monument was erected to honour Damon, a slave who was executed after protesting against the introduction of apprenticeship. [5] Other sites include Damon's Cross, the Aurora Chimney and estate House, Anna Regina Bridge, Anna Regina Chimney, St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church and several Dutch tombs. [6]

Mainstay Lake is 5 miles from Anna Regina.

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