Annai Airport

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Annai Airport
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Annai Airstrip (2014)
Serves Annai
Elevation  AMSL 301 ft / 92 m
Coordinates 3°57′45″N59°07′15″W / 3.96250°N 59.12083°W / 3.96250; -59.12083 Coordinates: 3°57′45″N59°07′15″W / 3.96250°N 59.12083°W / 3.96250; -59.12083
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Location in Guyana
Direction LengthSurface
07/251,0003,281Asphalt, Grass
Sources: Bing Maps [1] GCM [2]

Annai Airport( IATA : NAI, ICAO : SYAN) [3] is an airport serving the village of Annai, in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region of Guyana. The runway has 640 metres (2,100 ft) of asphalt paving, with the remainder grass.

It is a small, hinterland airport that serves Guyana's tourism sector. [4]

Since 2019, Annai utilizes the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System (ADSB) for tracking planes. [5]

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