Annik Honoré

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Annik Honoré
Born(1957-10-12)12 October 1957
Mons, Belgium
Died3 July 2014(2014-07-03) (aged 56)
OccupationJournalist and music promoter

Annik Honoré (12 October 1957 3 July 2014) was a Belgian journalist and music promoter best known for her association with Ian Curtis, the former lead singer and lyricist of Joy Division. [1] She co-founded record labels Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux.


Early life

Honoré was born in Mons, Belgium on 12 October 1957. [2] As a teenager she became interested in rock music, attending various concerts in London as well as other locations. She moved to London in 1979, taking a job as a secretary at the Belgian Embassy. [3] [4]

In late 1979, Honoré and journalist Michel Duval began promoting musical events at the Raffinerie du Plan K venue in Brussels. Joy Division, and Cabaret Voltaire performed on the club's opening night on 16 October. A few months later, in 1980, Honoré and Duval founded Factory Benelux as a Continental offshoot of Factory Records as well as Les Disques du Crépuscule, an independent Belgian music label. [5] [6] Honoré chose the name "Crépuscule." [7]

In the summer 1984, she was the tour manager of Front 242 during their American tour. [8]

Relationship with Ian Curtis

According to Honoré in a 2010 interview, her relationship with Ian Curtis before his death in 1980 was entirely platonic. [3] [4] Curtis' widow Deborah Curtis has characterised the relationship as an "affair", which she claims began in August 1979. [9] In Control , the Ian Curtis biographical film directed by Anton Corbijn in 2007, Honoré was played by Alexandra Maria Lara. [10]

Later life

Honoré left the music business in 1985. From 1986 she worked as a civil servant, more specifically as a secretary in the Research and Innovation department of the European Commission in Brussels. [11] She had two children, Bertrand and Sasha. [12] [13] She died on 3 July 2014 of cancer. [14] [15] [16] [8] [17]

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