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Anritsu Corporation
Native name
Type Public KK
TYO: 6754
ISIN JP3128800004
Industry Electronics
Founded1895;126 years ago (1895) as Sekisan-sha
Japan [1]
Area served
Key people
Hirokazu Hashimoto
(Chairman and CEO)
Hirokazu Hamada
RevenueDecrease2.svg JPY 85.9 billion (FY 2017) (US$ 809 million) (FY 2017)
Increase2.svg JPY 2.8 billion (FY 2017) (US$ 27 million) (FY 2017)
Number of employees
3,717 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2018)
Footnotes /references
[2] [3]

Anritsu Corporation (アンリツ株式会社, Anritsu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational corporation in the telecommunications electronics equipment market. [4] A global pioneer for producing the world's first wireless telephone network, Anritsu's revenue numbers near US$782 million.



Anritsu Corporation head office in 2013 Anritsu-corp head office 2013.JPG
Anritsu Corporation head office in 2013

In Japan, Anritsu's first predecessor, Sekisan-sha, was founded in 1895. Annaka Electric Company followed, producing wireless transmitters and the world's first wireless telephone service and Japan's first automatic public telephone.

Anritsu Corporation was formed with the merger of two companies, the Annaka Corporation and Kyoritsu Electric in Japan in 1931. In 1990, Anritsu acquired Wiltron Company in the United States for $180 million. [5]

Currently, the Anritsu Group is composed of Anritsu Corporation, Anritsu Engineering, Anritsu Infivis, Anritsu Devices, and Anritsu Networks. [1] Anritsu Corporation's American subsidiary, Anritsu Company, is a supplier of the United States Department of Defense. [6]

Anritsu MG3642A Synthesized Signal Generator Anritsu MG3642A SSG.jpg
Anritsu MG3642A Synthesized Signal Generator


Net sales in FY2008 were ¥84 billion (US$782 million). It has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1968. [7]


Products include network call trace, service assurance, customer experience management, microwave, radio frequency (RF), and optical signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and network analyzers. [8]

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