Anti-Monopoly Committee (Ukraine)

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Anti-Monopoly Committee (Антимонопольний комітет)
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Anti-Monopoly Committee emblem
Agency overview
FormedNovember 26, 1993
JurisdictionFlag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine government
Headquarters45, metrop. Vasyl Lypkivskyi street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03035 [1]
Annual budget UAH 66.0 million [2]
Agency executive
Parent agency President of Ukraine
Child agency
  • Commission for promoting court settlement of disputes between investors and executive authorities
Website Official website

Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMK) [4] (Ukrainian : Антимонопольний комітет України) is the supreme competition regulator in Ukraine. It is the state authority with special status, aimed at providing the state protection to competition in the field of entrepreneurial activity.



Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine carries out his activities on the grounds of the legislative acts concerning economic competition protection; the Laws of Ukraine “On economic competition protection”, “On the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine”, “On protection from unfair competition” are main of them.

The committee consists of the Chairman and 10 commissioners, out of which there are two first deputies and three other deputies. Activities of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine is under the control of the President of Ukraine; The committee is accountable to the Supreme Council of Ukraine. President in consent with the Supreme Council of Ukraine designates and dismisses from the appointment the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. First deputies and deputies of the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine are to be designated and dismissed from their appointments by the President of Ukraine on proposal of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. The proposal is made on the grounds of the suggestions of the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

In every region of Ukraine, including the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, territorial offices of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine are to be created. The above-mentioned offices are legal entities which carry out the tasks of the Antimonopoly Committee on the regional level.

Within the framework of its procuration the Committee supervises the activities of enterprises of all types of ownership, state and local authorities, activities of foreign entrepreneurs in Ukraine as well. Committee is entitled to make decisions concerning abatement of the competition legislation breach, which are obligatory for enterprises and state authorities, to allow or prohibit concerted actions in the market, to impose fines or apply other sanctions with respect to the breakers of the rules of fair competition. In 2020, the Anti-Monopoly Committee demanded that its powers be expanded to give the agency the ability to have a say in the appeal of public procurement.


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Investigations Department

Department of Operations and Support

Public Council


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