April Fools' Day (1954 film)

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April Fools' Day
Directed by Gilles Grangier
Written by Michel Audiard
Gérard Carlier
Gilles Grangier
Produced byJean-Paul Guibert
Starring Bourvil
Annie Cordy
Louis de Funès
Cinematography Marc Fossard
Edited by Jacqueline Thiédot
Music byÉtienne Lorin
Victory Film
Intermondia Films
Distributed byVictory Films
Release date
28 July 1954 (France)
Running time
102 minutes
Box office$21,660,000 [1]

April Fools' Day or Poisson d'avril, is a French comedy film from 1954, directed by Gilles Grangier, written by Michel Audiard, starring Bourvil, Annie Cordy, and Louis de Funès.



Honest garage mechanic, faithful husband and good father, Emile Dupuy was persuaded by the patter of a salesman at a bazaar to buy a cane fishing model with the money intended for his wife Charlotte's dream: a washing machine. Not daring to tell her, he will lie, small lies, wholesale lies, and finds himself in an inextricable situation.


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