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Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 37°13′43″N65°15′47″E / 37.22861°N 65.26306°E / 37.22861; 65.26306 Coordinates: 37°13′43″N65°15′47″E / 37.22861°N 65.26306°E / 37.22861; 65.26306
CountryFlag of Afghanistan.svg  Afghanistan
Province Faryab Province
District Khani Chahar Bagh
Time zone UTC+4:30

Aqina (Uzbek: اقينه) is a border checkpoint and border crossing in northern Faryab Province of Afghanistan. It is also a train station, serving as the second rail service between Afghanistan and neighboring Turkmenistan. [1] Aqina is located in the northern part of Khani Chahar Bagh district, directly adjacent to the border with Turkmenistan. [2] The nearest Afghan town from Aqina is Andkhoy.


Rail transport

Aqina is the southern terminus of a railway line via Imamnazar to Kerki (formerly Atamyrat) in Turkmenistan that was opened in late 2016. [3] [4] It is one of three railways in Afghanistan.

A planned 58 kilometres (36 mi) extension to Andkhoy is in the early phases of construction. [5] The line is eventually planned to form part of railway corridor through northern Afghanistan, [6] even though it is unclear when that will happen.

There is a small dry port with basic facilities in Aqina. [7] [8]

It is one of three railways in Afghanistan

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Afghan Turkestan is a region in northern Afghanistan, on the border with the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In the 19th century there was a province in Afghanistan named Turkestan Province until abolished by Emir Abdur Rahman, and was centred on Mazari Sharif and included territory in the modern provinces of Balkh, Kunduz, Jowzjan, Sar-e Pol, and Faryab. In 1890, Qataghan-Badakhshan Province was separated from Turkestan Province.

Transport in Turkmenistan includes such as roadways, railways, airways, seaways, waterways, oil, gas and water pipelines.

Transport in Afghanistan

Transport in Afghanistan has steadily improved in the last decade. Much of the nation's road network was built during the 1960s but left to ruin during the 1980s and 90s wars. New national highways, roads, and bridges have been rebuilt in the last decade to help increase travel as well as trade with neighboring countries. In 2008, there were about 700,000 vehicles registered in Kabul.

Ashraf Ghani President of Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is an Afghan politician, academic, and economist who is serving as President of Afghanistan. He was first elected on 20 September 2014 and was re-elected in the 28 September 2019 presidential election. He was announced the winner after a protracted process in February 2020 and was sworn in for a second term on 9 March 2020. An anthropologist by education, he previously served as Minister of Finance and the Chancellor of Kabul University.

Faryab Province Province of Afghanistan

Faryab is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, which is located in the north of the country bordering neighboring Turkmenistan. It has a population of about 948,000, which is multi-ethnic and mostly a tribal society. The province encompasses 15 districts and over 1,000 villages. The capital of Faryab province is Maymana. It also borders Jowzjan Province, Sar-e Pol Province, Ghor Province and Badghis Province.

Jowzjan Province Province of Afghanistan

Jowzjan, sometimes spelled as Jawzjan or Jozjan, is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the north of the country bordering neighboring Turkmenistan. The province is divided into 11 districts and contains hundreds of villages. It has a population of about 512,100, which is multi-ethnic and mostly agriculturalists. Sheberghan is the capital of Jozjan province.

Islamic Republic of Iran Railways State-owned rail company

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railways is the national state-owned railway system of Iran. The Raja Passenger Train Company is an associate of the IR, and manages its passenger trains. The Railway Transportation Company is an associate of the IR, which manages its freight transport. The Ministry of Roads & Urban Development is the state agency that oversees the IRIR. Some 33 million tonnes of goods and 29 million passengers are transported annually by the rail transportation network, accounting for 9 percent and 11 percent of all transportation in Iran, respectively (2011).

Qaramqol District District in Faryab Province, Afghanistan

Qaramqol (Qaramqũl) district is located south of Andkhoy District in the northern part of Faryab Province. with an ethnic composition of 5% Pashtun, 35% Uzbek and 60% Turkman. The district center Qaram Qũl is close to the town of Andkhoy.

Torghundi town in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Torghundi, also spelled Turghundi or Towrgondi, is a border town in northern Herat province of Afghanistan. It is the second border crossing between Afghanistan and neighboring Turkmenistan. The town of Serhetabat in Turkmenistan is located just a short drive from the border crossing. Torghundi is about 100 km from the city of Herat.

Rail transport in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has three railroad lines in the north of the country. The first is between Mazar-i-Sharif and the border town of Hairatan in Balkh province, which then connects with Uzbek Railways of Uzbekistan. The second links Torghundi in Herat province with Turkmen Railways of Turkmenistan. The third is between Aqina in Faryab province and neighboring Turkmenistan. The country currently lacks a passenger rail service, but a new rail link from Herat to Khaf in Iran for both cargo and passengers is under construction. Passenger service is also proposed in Hairatan - Mazar-i-Sharif section and Mazar-i-Sharif - Aqina section.

Chabahar Port

Chabahar Port is a seaport in Chabahar located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman. It serves as Iran's only oceanic port, and consists of two separate ports named Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti, each of which has five berths.

Kerki Place in Lebap Province, Turkmenistan

Kerki is a town in eastern Turkmenistan. It is located in Lebap Province. It was formerly known as Zamm and, between 1999 and 2017, as Atamyrat. It is situated on a plain on the left bank of the Amu Darya river.

Hairatan Place in Balkh Province, Afghanistan

Hairatan is a border town and a port in the north of Balkh province, Afghanistan. It sits along the Amu Darya river in the Kaldar district of Balkh province. The river forms the border with neighboring Uzbekistan, and the two nations are connected by the Afghanistan–Uzbekistan Friendship Bridge. The city of Termez in Uzbekistan is close to Hairatan. The altitude of Hairatan is 300m. Hairatan became one of the major transporting, shipping, and receiving location for Afghanistan.

Andkhoy District District in Faryab Province, Afghanistan

Andkhoy District is a district in Faryab Province, Afghanistan. The district center is Andkhoy, and there are a total of 81 villages in the district. Most people farm or raise livestock in the district. The district is considered to be government-influenced, as opposed to the Taliban.

Rail transport in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has 4,980 kilometres (3,090 mi) of railways. The railway operator is the state owned company Türkmendemirýollary. The company belongs to the Ministry of Railways of Turkmenistan.


Türkmendemirýollary Agency is a state-owned operator of railways in Turkmenistan. The company operates 4,980 km (3,090 mi) of railways and over 345 railway stations throughout the country. The company belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Construction Operation of Turkmenistan. It is headquartered in Ashgabat.

The Afghanistan–Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement is a bilateral trade agreement signed in 2010 by Pakistan and Afghanistan that calls for greater facilitation in the movement of goods amongst the two countries.

Salamat Azimi is an Afghani politician who serves as Counter Narcotics Minister.

Ymamnazar Place in Lebap Province, Turkmenistan

Ymamnazar is a remote settlement in Turkmenistan's Lebap province. It is situated immediately adjacent to Turkmenistan's southern border with Afghanistan, opposite to Aqina. The nearest town in Turkmenistan is Kerki, in Afghanistan Andkhoy District.

Afghanistan–Turkmenistan border

The Afghanistan–Turkmenistan border is 804 km (500 mi) in length and runs from the tripoint with Iran to the tripoint with Uzbekistan.


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