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Arattupuzha Pooram views IMG 2816.JPG
Arattupuzha Pooram
Coordinates: 10°25′58″N76°13′34″E / 10.4327900°N 76.2262200°E / 10.4327900; 76.2262200 Coordinates: 10°25′58″N76°13′34″E / 10.4327900°N 76.2262200°E / 10.4327900; 76.2262200
CountryFlag of India.svg  India
State Kerala
District Thrissur
  Official Malayalam, English
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registration KL-
Nearest cityPuthukkad
Lok Sabha constituencyThrissur
Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram views IMG 2818.JPG
Arattupuzha Pooram

Arattupuzha is a village located near Puthukkad in the Thrissur district of Kerala in Southern India, approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) South of the town of Thrissur.

Located on the banks of the Karuvannur river, Arattupuzha is home to the annual Arattupuzha Pooram that stages the grand spectacle of numerous caparisoned elephants lined up in a row to the accompaniment of ethnic percussion concerts. [1] Firework displays are also part of the celebration. The Arattupuzha Sastha Temple is located in Arattupuzha. The temple dates back 3000 years. [2]

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Pooram Annual Hindu festival in Kerala, India

Pooram pronounced [puːɾam] is an annual festival, which is celebrated in temples dedicated to goddesses Durga or Kali held especially in Valluvanadu area and other adjoining parts of north-central Kerala after the summer harvest. Harimattom pooram is the one of the famous pooram in Ernakulam. An example of a famous pooram is Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram which has an active participation of 11 Lakh people across the country. Most pooram festivals have at least one ornately decorated elephant being paraded in the procession taken out of the temple precincts. However, there are some well known poorams, such as Anthimahakalankavu Vela, Chelakkara, Aryankavu Pooram at shoranur Palakkad and Machad mamangam near Wadakkanchery that do not use the caparisoned elephant, instead go for stilted mannequins of horses or bullocks. Vela is also a festival like pooram. Thrissur Pooram is the most famous of all poorams, known for fire works .The second best known Pooram in Kerala is Uthralikavu Pooram. Some other well-known pooram festivals are Arattupuzha-Peruvanam Pooram,Chalissery Pooram, Anthimahakalankavu Vela, Nenmara Vallangi Vela, Chinakathoor pooram, Mannarkkad Pooram, Pariyanampatta Pooram, Harimattom Pooram and Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram,. Peruvanam-Arattupuza pooram is celebrating its 1436th year in 2018.

Thrissur Pooram Festival

Thrissur Pooram is an annual Hindu festival held in Kerala, India. It is held at the Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur every year on the Pooram day - the day when the moon rises with the Pooram star in the Malayalam Calendar month of Medam. It is the largest and most famous of all poorams.

Sakthan Thampuran Maharaja

Rama Varma Kunhjippilla Thampuran (1751–1805), or Rama Varma IX, popularly known as Sakthan Thampuran, was the ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin. He was the King of the present-day southern Indian city of Kochi and his palace was in Thrissur City. The city of Thrissur is referred to as the Cultural Capital of Kerala owing to its many traditional festivals and historic temples. Sakthan Thampuran is considered the architect of the city of Thrissur. The festival Thrissur Pooram is considered to have been first started by him.

Cherpu town in Kerala, India

Cherpu is a big village in Thrissur district of Kerala state in south India. It is 12 kilometres south of Thrissur town and is on the Thriprayar road. It is dotted by a number of temples and has quite a few rivers flowing by its vicinity.

Thrissur district District in Kerala in India

Thrissur is a revenue district of Kerala situated in the central part of that state. Spanning an area of about 3,032 km2, Thrissur district is home to over 10% of Kerala's population.

Uthramvilakku is a temple festival celebrated at Edakkunni in Ollur, south of Thrissur in central Kerala, south India. The highlight of the event is an over four-hour Panchari melam in the temple compound past midnight on the uthram day, with each of the five caparisoned elephants on the occasion carrying a deity each from as many temples.

Arattupuzha Temple

The Arattupuzha Temple is a Hindu temple situated at Arattupuzha in Thrissur district of Kerala in India, administered by Cochin Devaswom Board.

Thriprayar Temple temple in India

Thriprayar Shree Ramaswami Temple is Hindu temple situated in Triprayar in Thrissur district of Kerala state in India. The deity is Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, with four arms bearing a conch, a disc, a bow and a garland. The temple is situated on the bank of river Theevra. The temple deity is the presiding deity of Arattupuzha Pooram. It is believed that the idol here was worshipped by Lord Krishna, another avatar of Lord Vishnu in Dwarka. Along with Lord Rama, there are shrines for Lord Shiva as Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Ganesha, Lord Sastha and Lord Krishna.

Vallachira city in Kerala, India

Vallachira is a census town in Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala.

Ollur Town in Kerala, India

Ollur is a major suburban area and an old commercial town in the city of Thrissur of Kerala state, South India. It is situated about 5 km away from Swaraj Round on old National Highway 47 (India) towards Kochi. From ancient time onwards, Ollur was a major business centre in Thrissur district. Now, this geographical area is part of Thrissur Municipal Corporation. It is situated between Kuriachira and Thalore on the National Highway. However, a specific identity for this geographical region is still there due to the urban setting of this region and its important religious institutions.

Arattupuzha Pooram

Arattupuzha Pooram is the largest and oldest temple festival of India.Arattupuzha Pooram - The Festival Of India is also termed as the mother of all pooram festivals in Kerala, due to its sheer magnitude and grandeur. Visitors from nearby and far off places reach the village of Arattupuzha during the festival days, to be part of this grand festival. The pinnacle of excitement and devotion during the seven-day festival is the last two days. The evening prior to the last day of the festival would have an assembly of caparisoned elephants and staging of percussion ensembles as part of the ceremony called Sasthavinte Melam. The pancharimelam of Aarttupuzha Sasthavu is the largest assembly of percussion artists in any other night Poorams.

Peruvanam Pooram Place in Kerala, India

Peruvanam Pooram is one of the most popular temple festivals of the South Indian state of Kerala. It is held at Peruvanam Temple in Cherpu, Thrissur District. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of this temple.

Chathakudam village in Kerala, India

Chathakudam is a village in Thrissur district, Kerala, India.

Mar Sleeva Syro-Malabar Church, Mapranam building in India

Mar Sleeva Syro-Malabar Church, Mapranam, Thrissur is one of the few churches in Asia which has received the relic of the Holy Cross, part of the Holy blood of Jesus Christ and a piece of the towel used by Veronica to wipe the face of Jesus Christ,during the journey of the Passion, all donated from Vatican by the order of the Pope Leo XIII. Believed to have been constructed in AD 928, it is one of the oldest churches not only in Kerala state, India, but also in India. North of it lies Karuvannur River, the Arattupuzha Temple and the churches of Pallissery and Panamkulam.

Uthralikkavu Pooram (ഉത്രാളിക്കാവ്) is a festival held at Shri Rudhiramahakalikav temple situated at Wadakkanchery in Thalappilly taluk of Thrissur district in Kerala, South India. The temple is famed for its Pooram festival held during February / March every year. It is considered as the second highest crowded pooram after Thrissur Pooram

Peruvanam Kuttan Marar Indian musician

Peruvanam Kuttan Marar is a chenda artist. He leads several popular traditional orchestra performances in Kerala. He is a recipient of Padma Shri award in the year 2011 for his contributions in the field of art.

Shree Rama Temple is Hindu temple situated in Triprayar in Thrissur district of Kerala state in India. The deity is Shree Rama and with four arms with bearing a conch, a disc, a bow and a garland. The temple is situated on the bank of river Theevra. The Temple deity is the presiding deity of Arattupuzha Pooram.

Ashtamoorthi K V is a Malayalam novelist and short story writer from Kerala, India. He commenced his literature career as a novelist but later on made his own mark in the field of Malayalam short stories. Ashtamoorthi won the Kerala Sahithya Academy award in 1992 for the best short story "Veedu Vittu Pokunnu".

Thoniyakavu Bhadrakali Temple

Thoniyakavu Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Bhadrakali at village of Puthenpeedika, of Kerala state in India. This temple is a classic example of the architectural style of Kerala.Thoniyakavu sree badra temple have participation sub pooram at arattupuzha pooram festival. It is held at the Arattupuzha Temple in Arattupuzha of Thrissur District. The Pooram is known as Devamela as it is a conglomeration of gods, given its massive attendance of deities from neighbourhood shrines.Thoniyakavu temple have another deity Vigneswara (ganapathi), veerabadran, kandakarnan,Which are placed as sub deity shire.And place for Rakshas shrine also.


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