Armenian Cup

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Armenian Cup
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Founded1992;29 years ago (1992)
RegionFlag of Armenia.svg  Armenia
Number of teams12
Qualifier for UEFA Europa Conference League
Domestic cup(s) Armenian Supercup
Current champions Ararat Yerevan (6th title)
Most successful club(s) Pyunik (8 titles)
Soccerball current event.svg 2020-21 VBET Armenian Cup

The VBET Armenian Cup (Armenian : Հայաստանի Անկախության Գավաթ) is the main football cup competition of Armenia. In its original form as the Armenian Cup, it started in 1939, when Armenia was a republic of the Soviet Union. It served as a qualification tournament for the Soviet Cup, and it was not disputed by Armenian teams in the Soviet League pyramid. After Armenia gained independence in 1992, the cup became known as Independence Cup, and the final is held every year on 9 May.


Since 2019, it has been known as the VBET Armenian Cup after its headline sponsor.




Armenian Cup winners
1992 Banants 2–0 Homenetmen Hrazdan Stadium 3,347
1993 Ararat Yerevan 3–1 Shirak Hrazdan Stadium 7,000
1994 Ararat Yerevan 1–0 Shirak Hrazdan Stadium 10,000
1995 Ararat Yerevan 4–2 Kotayk Hrazdan Stadium 1,000
1996 Pyunik 3–2 Kotayk Hrazdan Stadium 3,000
1997 Ararat Yerevan 1–0 Pyunik Hrazdan Stadium 4,500
1998 Tsement Ararat 3–1 Yerevan Hrazdan Stadium 4,000
1999 Tsement Ararat 3–2 Shirak Hrazdan Stadium 4,000
2000 Mika 2–1 Zvartnots-AAL Kotayk Stadium 4,500
2001 Mika 1–1 (p (4–3)) Ararat Yerevan Republican Stadium 7,500
2002 Pyunik 2–0 Zvartnots-AAL Republican Stadium 8,000
2003 Mika 1–0 Banants Republican Stadium 5,000
2004 Pyunik 0–0 (p (6–5)) Banants Republican Stadium 10,000
2005 Mika 2–0 Kilikia Republican Stadium 6,000
2006 Mika 1–0 Pyunik Republican Stadium 1,400
2007 Banants 3–1 (aet) Ararat Yerevan Republican Stadium 6,000
2008 Ararat Yerevan 2–1 (aet) Banants Arnar Stadium 2,500
2009 Pyunik 1–0 Banants Republican Stadium 7,500
2010 Pyunik 4–0 Banants Republican Stadium 8,000
2011 Mika 4–1 Shirak Republican Stadium 9,300
2011–12 Shirak 1–0 Impulse Gyumri City Stadium 3,000
2012–13 Pyunik 1–0 Shirak Hrazdan Stadium 2,500
2013–14 Pyunik 2–1 Gandzasar Kapan Hrazdan Stadium 5,000
2014–15 Pyunik 3–1 Mika Republican Stadium 5,000
2015–16 Banants 2–0 Mika Republican Stadium 3,000
2016–17 Shirak 3–0 Pyunik Republican Stadium 2,000
2017–18 Gandzasar Kapan 1–1 (p (4–3)) Alashkert Republican Stadium 1,000
2018–19 Alashkert 1–0 Lori Banants Stadium 4,000
2019–20 Noah 5–5 (p (7–6)) Ararat-Armenia Football Academy Stadium 0 [upper-alpha 1]
2020–21 Ararat Yerevan 3–1 Alashkert Republican Stadium
  1. Match played behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Armenia. [1]

Winners and finalists

Results by team

Since its establishment, the Armenian Cup has been won by 9 different teams. Teams shown in italics are no longer in existence.

Results by team
ClubWinsFirst final wonLast final wonRunners-upLast final lostTotal final
Pyunik [upper-alpha 1] 8 1996 2015 4 2017 12
Mika 6 2000 2011 2 2016 8
Ararat Yerevan 6 1993 2021 2 2007 8
Urartu [upper-alpha 2] 3 1992 2016 5 2010 8
Shirak 2 2012 2017 5 2013 7
Araks Ararat 2 1998 1999 02
Alashkert 1 2019 2019 2 2021 3
Gandzasar Kapan 1 2018 2018 1 2014 2
Noah 1 2020 2020 01
Kotayk 02 1996 2
Zvartnots-AAL 02 2002 2
Yerevan 01 1998 1
Impuls 01 2012 1
Kilikia 01 2005 1
Lori 01 2019 1
Ararat-Armenia 01 2020 1
  1. Pyunik's total includes one defeat under the earlier name of Homenetmen.
  2. Urartu's total includes three wins and five defeats under the earlier name of Banants.

Consecutive winners

Two clubs have won consecutive Armenian Cups on more than one occasion: Ararat Yerevan (1993, 1994, 1995) and Pyunik (2013, 2014, 2015), .

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The VBET Armenian Premier League is the top football competition in Armenia. From 1936 to 1991, the competition was held as a regional tournament within the USSR. After independence, the Football Federation of Armenia has been the unit in charge. Over the years, the league has evolved into a small league consisting of nine teams. The winner of the league is awarded a spot in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

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Khoren Oganesian, also known as Khoren Hovhannisyan, is a former Armenian and Soviet football player who played as a midfielder and current manager and coach. He was awarded the Master of Sport of the USSR, International Class title in 1976.

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The 2015–16 Armenian Premier League season is the 24th since its establishment. The season began on 1 August 2015 and ended up on 22 May 2016. FC Pyunik are the defending champions.

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The 2020 Armenian Cup Final was the 29th Armenian Cup Final, and the final match of the 2019–20 Armenian Cup. It was played at the Football Academy Stadium in Yerevan, Armenia, on 10 July 2020, contested by Noah and Ararat-Armenia. This was the first appearance for both clubs in the Final of the Armenian Cup, with Noah defeating Ararat-Armenia 7–6 on penalties after the match finished 5–5. Since both Noah and Ararat-Armenia had already qualified for European competitions via the Armenian Premier League, it meant fourth placed Shirak would also enter the 2020–21 UEFA Europa League at the first qualifying round.

The 2020–21 season is Pyunik's 27th season in the Armenian Premier League.

The 2020–21 season is a FC Ararat-Armenia's 3rd season in Armenian Premier League, of which they were defending champions.

The 2020–21 season is Alashkert's ninth season in the Armenian Premier League and fourteenth overall.

The 2020–21 season is FC Noah's 3rd season in Armenian Premier League, and second since they changed their name from Artsakh FC. This will be their first season in the UEFA Europa League.

The 2020–21 Armenian Premier League season is the 29th since its establishment.

The 2020–21 season is FC Van's 1st season in Armenian Premier League, and second in existence.


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