Armenian First League

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Armenian First League
Founded1992;29 years ago (1992)
Number of teams11
Level on pyramid2
Promotion to Armenian Premier League
Domestic cup(s) Armenian Independence Cup
Current champions Sevan
Website Official
Current: 2020–21 Armenian First League

The Armenian First League is currently the second level football competition in Armenia after the Armenian Premier League. The competition exists mostly out of reserve teams of several Premier League clubs; however, other teams also participate. The reserve teams are not eligible for promotion to the highest level, resulting in situations where a club promotes even when they finish the season in a mid-table position.

2020–21 Member Clubs

Alashkert-2 Yerevan Pyunik Stadium 780
Ararat-2 Yerevan Kasakhi Marzik Stadium 3,600
Ararat-Armenia-2 Yerevan Yerevan Football Academy Stadium 1,500
BKMA Yerevan Vagharshapat Football Academy300
Lernayin Artsakh Sisian Sisian City Stadium500
Pyunik-2 Yerevan Pyunik Stadium780
Sevan Sevan Sevan City Stadium500
Shirak-2 Gyumri Gyumri City Stadium 2,844
Urartu-2 Yerevan Urartu Training Centre 500
West Armenia Yerevan Mika Stadium 7,250
Noravank SC Yerevan Charentsavan City Stadium 5,000


1992 Ararat-2 Aragats
1993 Zangezour Artashat
Lori Vanadzor Aznavour
1994 Aragats Kasagh
1995 transitional season (no winner)
1995–96 Arabkir BKMA Yerevan
1996–97 Dvin Artashat Lori Vanadzor
1997 Aragats Spitak
1998 Zvartnots-AAL Lori
1999 Dinamo Yerevan Mika-Kasagh
2000 Armenicum Karabakh
2001 Malatia FIMA Yerevan
2002 Armavir FC Araks
2003 Kilikia Vagharshapat
2004 Pyunik-2 Lernayin Artsakh
2005 Pyunik-2 Ararat Yerevan
2006 Pyunik-2 Lernayin Artsakh
2007 Pyunik-2 Mika-2
2008 Shengavit (Ulisses-2) Pyunik-2
2009 Impulse Shengavit (Ulisses-2)
2010 Ararat Yerevan Banants-2
2011 Shengavit (Ulisses-2) Mika-2
2012–13 Alashkert Pyunik-2
2013–14 Banants-2 Alashkert-2
2014–15 Alashkert-2 Banants-2
2015–16 Alashkert-2 Mika-2
2016–17 Banants-2 Pyunik-2
2017–18 Lori Artsakh
2018–19 Junior Sevan Yerevan

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Lori FC is an Armenian football club based in Vanadzor, Lori Province. Originally founded in 1936, Lori has participated in the domestic football competition of Soviet Armenia. After retiring from professional football in 2002, the club was revived in 2017 winning the 2017–18 Armenian First League competition.

FC Alashkert Football club

Football Club Alashkert, commonly known as Alashkert is an Armenian football club based in the capital Yerevan, founded in 1990 in Martuni and after folding in 2000 re-founded in 2011. They currently play in the Armenian Premier League. The home stadium of the team is the Alashkert Stadium in Yerevan. The club headquarters are located on Saryan street 25, Yerevan. Although based in Yerevan they are in fact named after the historic Western Armenian town of Alashkert, now Eleşkirt in Eastern Turkey.

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Football Club Gandzasar Kapan, commonly known as Gandzasar, is an Armenian football club based in the town of Kapan, Syunik Province. Translated from the Armenian, "Gandz-a-sar" simply means "Treasure Mountain". The club headquarters are located on Shinararner street 1, Kapan. The Gandzasar Kapan Training Centre is located at the eastern outskirts of the town of Kapan.

The 2012–13 Armenian Premier League season was the twenty-first since its establishment. The season began on 24 March 2012 and ended on 18 May 2013, with two scheduled breaks between 2–27 July 2012 and 3 December 2012 – 8 March 2013. Ulisses are the defending champions, having won their first league title last season.

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The 2018–19 Armenian First League season is the 27th since its establishment. The season was launched on August 6, 2018, and concluded on June 13, 2019. Although Junior Sevan were reigned as champions, however, they did not gain promotion to the 2019–20 Armenian Premier League, due to not meeting the requirements of the Football Federation of Armenia to take part at the Armenian Premier League competition. Instead, runners-up Yerevan gained promotion, as they met the above-mentioned requirements.

The 2019–20 Armenian First League season is the 28th since its establishment. The season was launched on August 6, 2019, and will conclude on May 27, 2020. Sevan are the defending champions.