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Arnaldo Dias Baptista
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Arnaldo Baptista in 2007
Background information
Born (1948-07-06) July 6, 1948 (age 70)
Origin São Paulo, SP
Genres Psychedelic rock, piano rock, progressive rock, tropicalismo, experimental
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, musician, painter, producer
InstrumentsPiano, vocals, organ, synthesizer, bass guitar, guitar, drums, cello, clavinet
Years active1966–present
Associated acts Os Mutantes, Patrulha do Espaço

Arnaldo Dias Baptista (Portuguese pronunciation:  [aɾˈnawdu baˈtʃistɐ] , born July 6, 1948, in São Paulo) is a Brazilian rock musician and composer.

Brazilian rock refers to rock music produced in Brazil and usually sung in Portuguese. In the 1960s it was known as "iê-iê-iê", originating from the Portuguese translation of the "yeah, yeah, yeah" Beatles lyrics.



Born to a lyric singer father and a pianist mother (Clarisse Leite), Baptista studied classical piano from 1955 to 1959, double bass from 1962 to 1963, and acoustic guitar from 1963 to 1965.[ citation needed ] In 1966 he formed the influential Os Mutantes band with his brother Sérgio Dias and Rita Lee, where he played bass guitar, keyboards and sang. Baptista left the band in 1973 due to disagreements with the other members of the band and the excessive use of LSD.[ citation needed ] In 1974 he tried to work as a musical producer, with no success.[ citation needed ] This motivated him to try a solo career, and in the same year, he released the album Lóki? , which is considered his best work.[ who? ]

Clarisse Leite Brazilian composer

Clarisse Leite was a Brazilian composer, pianist and music educator. She was born in São Paulo and studied in São Paulo and France. After completing her studies, she worked as a professor of music at Academia Internacional, Rio de Janeiro.

Os Mutantes band

Os Mutantes are an influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band that were linked with the Tropicália movement of the late 1960s.

Baptista recorded two albums with the band Patrulha do Espaço between 1977 and 1978, and later resumed his solo career. In 2006, Os Mutantes reunited without Rita Lee, and Baptista played with his brother Sérgio and the drummer Dinho Leme 33 years after originally leaving the band. In 2007 Baptista left the band again to pursue personal projects.

Baptista currently lives with his wife Lucinha Barbosa in the city of Juiz de Fora, where he spends most of his time painting, singing and writing songs.[ citation needed ] He is a vegetarian. [1]

Juiz de Fora Municipality in Southeast, Brazil

Juiz de Fora, also known as J.F., is a city in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) from the state border with Rio de Janeiro. According to 2017 estimates the current population is about 563,769 inhabitants. The geographical area of the municipality is 1,437 km2 (555 sq mi).


With Os Mutantes
<i>Os Mutantes</i> (album) 1968 studio album by Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes is the debut eponymous album by the Brazilian tropicalia band. It was originally released in 1968 by Polydor and influenced by traditional Brazilian music styles, as well as American and British bands. The album includes a cover of The Mamas & The Papas' "Once Was a Time I Thought", translated into "Tempo no Tempo", and a cover of "Le premier bonheur du jour", previously recorded by Françoise Hardy. It was reissued in 1999 on Omplatten Records and again in 2006 by Omplatten's parent company, Universal Records.

<i>Mutantes</i> (album) 1969 studio album by Os Mutantes

Mutantes is the second album by the Brazilian tropicalia band Os Mutantes. The album was originally released in 1969 and reissued in 1999 on Omplatten Records and again in 2006 by Omplatten's parent company, Universal Records. It shows a more polished approach than their first album, maintaining the sense of humour while keeping the experimental aspects, such as fusing different genres, studio trickery as well as using found objects and samples from television and movies.

<i>A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado</i> 1970 studio album by Os Mutantes

A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado is the third album by the Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes. The album was originally released in 1970 and reissued in 1999 on Omplatten Records and again in 2006 by Omplatten's parent company, Universal Records. The title in English means: The Divine Comedy or I Am a Bit Disconnected. "I am a bit disconnected" in this sense means "I feel a little spaced out." The second track features the band imitating California accents. The album as a whole is characterized by a mix of psychedelic and religious imagery.


Loki? is the first solo album from Arnaldo Baptista, the keyboardist, bassist and singer of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. It was released in 1974 after a supposed nervous breakdown and it is considered one of the best albums in the 1970s Brazilian music scene. The album expresses his angst towards the height of post-modern society, along with the suffocating aspect of modernity: pollution, superpopulation, loneliness, etc.

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With Patrulha do Espaço
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Rita Lee Brazilian singer

Rita Lee is a Brazilian rock singer and composer. She is a former member of the Brazilian band Os Mutantes and is a popular figure in Brazilian entertainment, where she is also known for being an animal rights activist and a vegetarian. She has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.

Arnaldo Antunes Brazilian musician and writer

Arnaldo Antunes is a Brazilian musician, writer and composer. He is well known as a former member of rock band Titãs, which he co-founded in 1982 and left ten years later. After 1992, he embarked on a solo career spanning eleven albums. He has also published poetry, and had his first book published in 1983. He is known internationally for his collaborations with Marisa Monte, including supergroup Tribalistas, which they formed with Carlinhos Brown.

<i>Jardim Elétrico</i> 1971 studio album by Os Mutantes

Jardim Elétrico is the fourth album by the Brazilian Tropicália/psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes. The album was originally released in 1971 on Polydor Records. The title in English means Electric Garden. Five of the songs from this album were originally intended to be released on the album Tecnicolor, but that album was not released until 2000.

Baratos Afins is a long-established Brazilian record label and store, based in São Paulo city.

<i>Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencis</i> 1968 studio album by Various artists

Tropicália ou Panis et Circencis is a 1968 collaboration album by artists including Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes and Gal Costa. Considered an important record in the history of Brazilian music, it features arrangements by Rogerio Duprat and lyrical contributions from Torquato Neto.

Sérgio Dias Brazilian musician

Sérgio Dias Baptista Twice Latin Grammy Nominee, is a Brazilian rock musician, composer and guitar player. He is best known for his work with the band Os Mutantes and has been the only consistent member of the band, appearing on every album since its formation. In 2010 Sergio Dias collaborated with the band Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family in a project called "We are the Lilies", which also featured contributions from Iggy Pop and Jane Birkin.

<i>Tecnicolor</i> album by Os Mutantes

Tecnicolor would have been the fourth album by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. The album was intended to be their introduction in the English-speaking world and included English versions of songs from the albums Os Mutantes and A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado, re-recordings in Portuguese and French and several new songs.

<i>O A e o Z</i> 1992 studio album by Os Mutantes

O A e o Z is an album by Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes. It was their first record without founding member Rita Lee, and marked a shift in their sound to progressive rock. Recorded in 1973, but shelved until 1992, this was Arnaldo Baptista's last studio record with the group.

Everything is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes is a best of compilation by the Brazilian tropicalia band Os Mutantes. Compiled by David Byrne of Talking Heads, it was released by his world music record label Luaka Bop in 1999. Aimed towards an English-speaking market, its track selection differs much from other Mutantes compilations. It includes an abridged version of "Ando Meio Desligado."

<i>Mutantes e Seus Cometas no País do Baurets</i> album by Os Mutantes

Mutantes e Seus Cometas no País do Baurets is the fifth album by the Brazilian rock band Os Mutantes and the last to feature all three founding members. The album's cover art is by comic artist Alain Voss.

Mutantes Ao Vivo – Barbican Theatre, Londres 2006 is a live double CD and single DVD by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes. The album was recorded at the first Mutantes concert since 1978, at London's Barbican Arts Centre.

Zélia Duncan Brazilian musician

Zélia Duncan, born Zélia Cristina Gonçalves Moreira, is a Brazilian singer and composer.

<i>Hoje É o Primeiro Dia do Resto da Sua Vida</i> album by Rita Lee

Hoje É o Primeiro Dia do Resto da Sua Vida is the second solo record by Brazilian singer Rita Lee. Originally intended to be released as an album by Os Mutantes, due to conflicts with the band's record label it was released as a Rita Lee solo effort. The album marks the last time Lee would work with the Baptista brothers before her exit from Mutantes. In a matter of fact, the album was a product of a proper Os Mutantes creative process. The record company Polydor, declined to publish two Mutantes album within one year. The band decided to exclusively give Ms. Lee the vocal role, and publish the album under her name.

Mutantes Ao Vivo is the seventh album by the Brazilian band Os Mutantes and their first live album, with only new material on it. Like its predecessor, Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol, the only original member of the band to take part in this album is guitarist Sérgio Dias. Mutantes Ao Vivo is the final Os Mutantes' album until the band's 2006 reunion at London's Barbican Theatre.

Rock entered the São Paulo state music scene in the 1950s, at the same time as in the Brazilian music scene. It had its best moment in the 1980s.


  1. "Arnaldo Dias Baptista torna-se embaixador da ANDA e se alia à defesa dos animais" (in Portuguese).