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Arnold Diamond
Actor Arnold Diamond.jpg
Arnold Diamond in The Saint (1963)
Born(1915-04-18)18 April 1915
Died18 March 1992(1992-03-18) (aged 76)
Poole, Dorset, England [2]
Alma mater RADA

Arnold Diamond (18 April 1915 – 18 March 1992) was an English character actor, regularly cast in small parts on television such as in The Avengers 1967 episode entitled Who's Who when he played Krelmar. [3]


He graduated from RADA in 1936, and his stage work included the RSC, and three years in Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap in the West End (1954-1957). [4] [5] [6] In a long career, he was cast in a variety of roles, but frequently in 'foreigner' roles, and often as policemen. [7] Indeed, his most remembered role is probably that of Colonel Latignant in the 1960s ITC series The Saint with Roger Moore. [8] The character of Latignant was one of the few recurring characters in the series' long run. [9]

Towards the end of his career he appeared in the BBC comedy series In Sickness and in Health as Mr Rabinsky, [10] Alf Garnett's Jewish tight neighbour with a black hat and long beard.

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