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Arthur Howard (born Arthur John Steiner; 18 January 1910 – 18 June 1995) [1] [2] was an English stage, film and television actor. [3] [4]


Life and career

Born in Camberwell, London, Howard was the younger son of Lilian (née Blumberg) and Ferdinand "Frank" Steiner. His brother was the film actor Leslie Howard and his sister the casting director Irene Howard. [5] He married the actress Jean Compton Mackenzie (a daughter of the actor Frank Compton) in 1936 and they had a son together, the stage actor Alan Howard. [6] [3]

Arthur appeared in several television programmes such as Whack-O , a school comedy in which he played the hapless assistant headmaster Pettigrew to Jimmy Edwards's headmaster, and he was in the 1960 film version Bottoms Up . [7] [8] He appeared in many films, including American Friends and The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins , and had the small role of Cavendish in the James Bond film Moonraker . [9]

In 1961 he was arrested for importuning and spent a week in prison. [10] He died in Westminster, London. [9] He is buried in the East London Cemetery. [11]



Inspector Morley: Late of Scotland Yard (1952) - (Shop Assistant) - ('The Red Flame': episode Two) - (with Dorothy Bramhall ; Tucker McGuire ; and Johnny Briggs (actor) , in Episode 1).

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