Artistic Billiards World Championship

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The Artistic Billiards World Championship was a carom billiards tournament in the discipline of artistic billiards, organized mostly by the Confédération International de Billard Artistique.

Carom billiards billiards games played on cloth-covered pocketless tables

Carom billiards, sometimes called carambole billiards or simply carambole, is the overarching title of a family of cue sports generally played on cloth-covered, 1.5-by-3.0-metre pocketless tables, which often feature heated slate beds. In its simplest form, the object of the game is to score points or "counts" by caroming one's own cue ball off both the opponent's cue ball and the object ball(s) on a single shot. The invention as well as the exact date of origin of carom billiards is somewhat obscure but is thought to be traceable to 18th-century France.

Artistic billiards

Artistic billiards, sometimes called fantasy billiards or fantaisie classique, is a carom billiards discipline in which players compete at performing 76 preset shots of varying difficulty. Each set shot has a maximum point value assigned for perfect execution, ranging from a four-point maximum for lowest level difficulty shots, and climbing to an 11-point maximum for shots deemed highest in difficulty level. There are a total of 500 points available to a player, representing the combined value of a perfect score on all 76 shots, although not all games are played with the full shot catalogue. The governing body of the sport is the Confédération International de Billard Artistique (CIBA).

Raymond Steylaerts of Belgium won the tournament more times – 6 – than any other player. The current champion is Serdar Gümüş from Turkey.

Belgium Federal constitutional monarchy in Western Europe

Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a country in Western Europe. It is bordered by the Netherlands to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the southeast, France to the southwest, and the North Sea to the northwest. It covers an area of 30,688 square kilometres (11,849 sq mi) and has a population of more than 11.4 million. The capital and largest city is Brussels; other major cities are Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liège.

Turkey Republic in Western Asia

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country located mainly in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. East Thrace, located in Europe, is separated from Anatolia by the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorous strait and the Dardanelles. Turkey is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria to its northwest; Georgia to its northeast; Armenia, the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan and Iran to the east; and Iraq and Syria to the south. Ankara is its capital but Istanbul is the country's largest city. Approximately 70 to 80 per cent of the country's citizens identify as Turkish. Kurds are the largest minority; the size of the Kurdish population is a subject of dispute with estimates placing the figure at anywhere from 12 to 25 per cent of the population.

List of champions

This is the list of Artistic Billiards World Champions, since 1937 (years not shown are years in which the event was not held). The winners have mainly been Europeans, and more commonly Belgians.

1937 August Tiedtke Flag of the German Reich (1935-1945).svg  Germany
1939 René Vingerhoedt Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1957 Joaquin Domingo Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
1970 Raymond Steylaerts Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1972 Lee Corin Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1974 Ricardo Fernandez Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
1975 Lee Corin Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1979 Raymond Steylaerts Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1983 Lee Corin Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1984 Raymond Steylaerts Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1985 Jean Bessems Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
1986 Raymond Steylaerts Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
1988 Jean Bessems Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
1990 Jean Reverchon Flag of France.svg  France
1991 Frans Belderbos Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
1992 Jean Reverchon Flag of France.svg  France
1993 Xavier Fonellosa Flag of Spain.svg  Spain
1996 Jean Reverchon Flag of France.svg  France
2002 Roberto Rojas Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico
2006 Sander Jonen Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
2008 Haci Arap Yaman Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
2009 Eric Daelman Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium
2011 Sander Jonen Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
2012 Serdar Gümüş Flag of Turkey.svg  Turkey

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The Antwerp Open was a pro-am minor-ranking snooker tournament, which was part of the Players Tour Championship. The tournament started in 2011 and was staged at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, Belgium. Mark Selby was the last champion.

The 2015 World Snooker Championship was a professional snooker tournament, that took place from 18 April to 4 May 2015 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England. It was the 39th consecutive year that the World Snooker Championship had been held at the Crucible and was the last ranking event of the 2014/2015 season. Betfred sponsored the event for the first time in three years, having previously sponsored the tournament from 2009 to 2012. The final was officiated by Olivier Marteel, who became the first Belgian to do so.