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The Hungarian Recording Industry Association (Hungarian: Magyar Hanglemezkiadók Szövetsége, more commonly abbreviated to MAHASZ or Mahasz) is the Hungarian music industry association, founded in 1992. MAHASZ issues the Hungarian Music Awards and maintains the music charts for Hungary.


Certification levels

Since 1 January 2018, MAHASZ combined all certifications into one combined "album" certifications, which includes albums and singles of all genres and origins. For Gold status an album needs to sell 2,000 units and for Platinum 4,000 units, where ten singles are counted as one album. The certification also includes streaming at a rate of 1,000 paid streams or 5,000 free streams per album. [1]

Certification levels history

Certifications have existed in Hungary since the mid-1970s. During that period, albums had to sell 50,000 units to qualify for Gold status. [2] Singles were required to sell 100,000 units to reach Gold level in the mid-1970s. [2]


Domestic repertoire

The table below shows certification levels for Gold and Platinum determined by MAHASZ.

Certification [3] Before 12 June 1992Before 3 December 1997Before 23 April 2002Before 23 February 2005Before 13 September 2006Before 1 October 2009From 1 October 2009Since 14 December 2012

International repertoire

The table below shows certification levels for Gold and Platinum determined by MAHASZ.

Certification [3] Before 23 February 2005 [4] Since 13 September 2006 [5] [6] Since 14 December 2012 [7]

Note: There have been changes to the thresholds for international repertoire in the past. For example, an official RIAJ report from 2005 specifies levels of 10,000 for Gold and 20,000 for Platinum. [4] The changes in levels for International Repertoire have most likely taken place on the same dates as for Domestic Repertoire.


The table below shows certification levels for Gold and Platinum determined by MAHASZ.

Certification [8] Before 2007 [4] From at least 2007 [5]

Music DVDs

The table below shows certification levels for Gold and Platinum determined by MAHASZ.

Certification [8] Jazz/classicalPop

List of certified albums

Below is a list of albums that have been certified by MAHASZ.




Two times

Three times

Five times

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