Athletics at the 1990 Commonwealth Games – Women's 3000 metres

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The women's 3000 metres event at the 1990 Commonwealth Games was held on 28 January at the Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland. [1]

3000 metres long-distance track running event

The 3000 metres or 3000-metre run is a track running event, also commonly known as the 3K or 3K run, where 7.5 laps are completed around an outdoor 400 m track or 15 laps around a 200 m indoor track.

Athletics at the 1990 Commonwealth Games

At the 1990 Commonwealth Games, the athletics events were held at the Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand from 27 January to 3 February 1990. A total of 42 events were contested, 23 by male and 19 by female athletes.

Mount Smart Stadium football stadium

The Mount Smart Stadium is a stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the home ground of National Rugby League team, the New Zealand Warriors. Built within the quarried remnants of the Rarotonga / Mount Smart volcanic cone, it is located 10 kilometres south of the city centre, in the suburb of Penrose.


Gold medal icon.svg Angela Chalmers Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada 8:38.38 GR
Silver medal icon.svg Yvonne Murray Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 8:39.46
Bronze medal icon.svg Liz McColgan Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 8:47.66
4 Karen Hutcheson Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland 8:48.72
5 Carolyn Schuwalow Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia 8:53.89
6 Ruth Partridge Flag of England.svg  England 8:59.77
7 Leah Pells Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada 9:02.29
8 Jenny Lund Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia 9:03.43
9 Lizanne Bussières Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada 9:04.59
10 Anne Hare Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand 9:15.49
11 Alison Wyeth Flag of England.svg  England 9:23.12
12 Sonia Barry Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand 9:25.91
13 Brenda Walker Flag of the Isle of Man.svg  Isle of Man 9:36.90
14 Annie Kagona Flag of Malawi.svg  Malawi 9:51.41
15 Khanyisile Lukhele Flag of Eswatini.svg  Swaziland 10:15.63
Christine Pfitzinger Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand DNF
Nicky Morris Flag of England.svg  England DNF
Susan Hobson Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia DNF
Andri Avraam Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus DNS
Ursula McKee Ulster Banner.svg  Northern Ireland DNS


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