Athletics at the 1994 Commonwealth Games – Women's 4 × 100 metres relay

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The women's 4 × 100 metres relay event at the 1994 Commonwealth Games was held on 28 August at the Centennial Stadium in Victoria, British Columbia. [1]

4 × 100 metres relay Track and field relay event covering 400 metres

The 4 × 100 metres relay or sprint relay is an athletics track event run in lanes over one lap of the track with four runners completing 100 metres each. The first runners must begin in the same stagger as for the individual 400 m race. A relay baton is carried by each runner. Prior to 2018, the baton had to be passed within a 20 m changeover box, preceded by a 10-metre acceleration zone. With a rule change effective November 1, 2017 that zone was modified to include the acceleration zone as part of the passing zone, making the entire zone 30 metres in length. The outgoing runner cannot touch the baton until it has entered the zone, the incoming runner cannot touch the baton after it has left the zone. The zone is usually marked in yellow, frequently using lines, triangles or chevrons. While the rule book specifies the exact positioning of the marks, the colors and style are only "recommended". While most legacy tracks will still have the older markings, the rule change still uses existing marks. Not all governing body jurisdictions have adopted the rule change.

Athletics at the 1994 Commonwealth Games

At the 1994 Commonwealth Games, the athletics event were held in Victoria, BC, Canada, at the Centennial Stadium on the grounds of the University of Victoria. A total of 44 events were contested, of which 22 by male 19 by female athletes. Furthermore, 2 men's disability events were held within the programme.

Centennial Stadium building in British Columbia, Canada

Centennial Stadium is a stadium located on the campus of the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The facility was built as a 1967 Canadian Centennial project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Canadian confederation.


Gold medal icon.svg6Flag of Nigeria.svg  Nigeria Faith Idehen, Mary Tombiri, Christy Opara-Thompson, Mary Onyali 42.99 GR
Silver medal icon.svg5Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia Monique Miers, Cathy Freeman, Melinda Gainsford, Kathy Sambell 43.43
Bronze medal icon.svg4Flag of England.svg  England Stephi Douglas, Geraldine McLeod, Simmone Jacobs, Paula Thomas 43.46
47Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica Michelle Freeman, Merlene Frazer, Dionne Rose, Dahlia Duhaney 43.51
53Flag of the Bahamas.svg  Bahamas Eldece Clarke, Dedra Davis, Debbie Ferguson, Pauline Davis 44.89
62Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada Tanja Reid, France Gareau, Karen Clarke, Simone Tomlinson 45.15
78Flag of Ghana.svg  Ghana Doris Manu, Noami Mills, Agnes Nuamah, Mercy Addy 45.72


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