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Atsuko Enomoto
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Native name
榎本 温子
Born (1979-11-01) November 1, 1979 (age 39)
Tokyo, Japan
Years active1998present
Height155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Mark Ishii
(m. 2016;div. 2018)
Musical career
Years active2001present
Labels Avex Trax

Atsuko Enomoto(榎本 温子,Enomoto Atsuko, born November 1, 1979) is a Japanese voice actress and singer. Her debut voice acting role was Yukino Miyazawa from Kare Kano in 1998, which she auditioned for while still in high school. Her debut single was Be My Angel the opening theme of the 2001 anime Angelic Layer. She was affiliated with talent agency 81 Produce until 2015. [1] Her former husband was voice actor Mark Ishii, [2] who is younger than her by 12 years. [3] In 2018 she discussed harassment in the industry and how she desperately wanted to quit in her first years as a voice actress. [4]

Voice acting in Japan Japanese voice actor or actress

Voice acting in Japan is acting as a narrator or as an actor in radio plays or as a character actor in anime and video games. It also involves performing voice-overs for non-Japanese movies and television programs. Because Japan's large animation industry produces 60% of the animated series in the world, voice acting in Japan has a far greater prominence than voice acting in most other countries.

<i>Kare Kano</i> 1998 manga and anime series

Kare Kano is a manga series by Masami Tsuda. It was serialized in LaLa from 1996 to 2005 and collected in 21 tankōbon volumes by Hakusensha. It depicts the romance between "perfect" student Yukino Miyazawa and her academic rival Soichiro Arima, and the relationships of several of their friends.

<i>Angelic Layer</i> 2001 film

Angelic Layer is a manga series released by Clamp. The manga is published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten, and in English originally by Tokyopop, but has since been re-licensed by Dark Horse Comics. It is the group's first work to use a quite different art style unseen in any other CLAMP series, which uses a more distinctly pared down style. There is less emphasis on detail and more on accentuated posing and gestures. This kind of artwork would later be used in series like Chobits and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.



Television animation

<i>Baby Felix</i> television series

Baby Felix is a Japanese children's animated television program that follows the adventures of a young Felix the Cat and infant versions of the characters from Joe Oriolo's Felix television program from the 1950s. It was launched by Oriolo's son, Don Oriolo in 2000 with NHK Educational, NEC Interchannel and AEON inc. of Japan. The show consists of 26 half-hour episodes. It follows in the long line of "Baby Cartoon Revivals" alongside such shows as Muppet Babies, Baby Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry Kids, and The Flintstone Kids. All 26 episodes were released in Bulgaria on 9 DVDs by A-Design. In 2010, DVDs have been released in Hungary as well.

<i>Argento Soma</i> anime TV series

Argento Soma is a 25-episode anime TV series that aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2000, to March 22, 2001.

<i>UFO Baby</i> 2000 television anime

UFO Baby is a shōjo comedy manga by Mika Kawamura, serialized by Kodansha in Nakayoshi from February 1998 to March 2002 and collected in nine bound volumes. The series was adapted as a 78-episode anime television series, produced by NHK and animated by J.C.Staff, which was broadcast between March 2000 and February 2002 on NHK's BS2 broadcast satellite network. The series was one of the top-rated anime series during its initial broadcast.


Original video animation (OVA)

<i>Amon: The Darkside of The Devilman</i>

Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman is an action/horror manga illustrated by Yu Kinutani, based on the Devilman manga originally created by manga author and artist Go Nagai. The first volume (tankōbon) was published on January 21, 2000, and the final volume was released on April 24, 2004.

Puni Puni Poemy is a two-part original video animation spin-off from the Excel Saga manga and TV animation. It features some of that series' secondary characters and many of its staff, primarily director Shinichi Watanabe. Like Excel Saga, it is a parody of other anime, manga and various aspects of popular culture, though in this case with the magical girl genre providing its primary focus and general structure. The series was originally an in-joke from an episode of Excel Saga; Watanabe decided to take the in-joke to its most extreme logical conclusion, creating the series.

<i>Netrun-mon</i> 2004 original video animation

Netrun-mon is a single-episode Japanese original video animation which was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of NetRunner magazine. NetRunner is a controversial publication since some articles promote hacking. Characters that are used to promote the magazine and are sold as merchandise have been taken directly from Hiroyuki's 2channel community. Hiroyuki himself is a character of Netrun-mon, one of the many references to Internet fandom in Japan that the anime is based upon.

Video games

.hack is a series of single-player action role-playing video games developed for the PlayStation 2 console by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai. The series of four games, titled .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, and .hack//Quarantine, features a "game within a game"; a fictional massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called The World which does not require the player to connect to the Internet. Players may transfer their characters and data between games in the series. Each game comes with an extra DVD containing an episode of .hack//Liminality, the accompanying original video animation series which details fictional events that occur concurrently with the games.

<i>.hack//G.U.</i> series of role-playing games

.hack//G.U. is a series of single-player action role-playing games for the PlayStation 2, developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco Games. The series contains three games: .hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth, .hack//G.U. Vol. 2//Reminisce and .hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption. As in the previous .hack games, .hack//G.U. simulates a massively multiplayer online role-playing game as the player controls a character who starts playing it.

<i>Fire Emblem Heroes</i> video game

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for Android and iOS. The game is a mobile spin-off of the Fire Emblem series featuring its characters, and was released on February 2, 2017. The game received a number of award nominations and had been downloaded 14.1 million times by September 2018, grossing US$437 million.

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Masayo Kurata is a Japanese voice actress. Some of her major roles are Koyomi from Girls Bravo, Shinobu Maehara in Love Hina, Tomoe Kashiwaba in Rozen Maiden, Karinka from Steel Angel Kurumi, and Subaru Mikage in Comic Party. In video games she voices Kurara in Purikura Daisakusen, Ai Senou in Hourglass of Summer, Chizuru Sakaki in the Rumbling Hearts / Muv-Luv visual novels, and Souffle Rossetti in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Kyōko Hikami is a Japanese voice actress. Her major roles include title character Momoko Hanasaki in the anime Wedding Peach, Hikaru Usada / Rabi~en~Rose in Di Gi Charat, Hebi no Yuki (Snake) in Angel Tales, Tsubaki Takamura in Sakura Wars, Urara Kasuga in Sakura Diaries. Recent roles include Sakagami-sensei in Love Lab and Yuki Sakurakōji in Code:Breaker. She is part of the voice actress trio Furil which also consists of Wedding Peach voice castmates Yūko Miyamura and Yukana.

<i>Steel Angel Kurumi</i> manga

Steel Angel Kurumi is a Japanese manga and anime series following the adventures of its titular character created by Kaishaku. Directed by Naohito Takahashi, animated by Oriental Light and Magic and produced by Pony Canyon with character designs by Yuriko Chiba and Yuji Ikeda and music by Toshihiko Sahashi, it has been translated and released in North America by ADV Films. In 2008 Crunchyroll announced it had partnered with Pony Canyon to release all Steel Angel Kurumi series' for streaming and download.

Mai Nakahara is a Japanese voice actress and singer associated with I'm Enterprise. She has voiced lead roles as Mai Tokiha in My-Hime, Anna Aoi in Godannar, Midori Kasugano in Midori Days, Miu in DearS and Nagisa Furukawa in Clannad. She also voiced Juvia in Fairy Tail, Rena Ryugu in Higurashi When They Cry, May Wong in Kaleido Star and Noi Kasahara in The Wallflower. In video games, she voiced Prier in La Pucelle: Tactics and the Disgaea series, Estellise in Tales of Vesperia, Morgan in Tears to Tiara and Yggdra in Yggdra Union. She has also sung theme songs for anime shows, some of which have charted on Oricon.

<i>Di Gi Charat</i> television series

Di Gi Charat is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Koge-Donbo. The series follows a catgirl named Di Gi Charat "Dejiko" who was adopted as the mascot of Broccoli's retail chain store, Gamers. The original anime series and its original video animations (OVAs) are set in a Gamers store. There are twenty Gamers stores across Japan. Gamers opened a store in the United States in 2001, Anime Gamers, that is located in Los Angeles.

Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat is the prequel to the popular anime series Di Gi Charat. It features Princess Dejiko and Puchiko as young children home at planet Di Gi Charat. The two and their friends Meek and Rinna set off to bring happiness to the citizens of planet Di Gi Charat, while Piyoko and Deji Devil try to stop them.

Tiffany Grant American actress

Tiffany Lynn Grant is an American actress and script writer who is known for her English-dubbing work for ADV Films on such anime films and television series as Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which she voiced the character Asuka Langley Soryu. She was the first actor hired by ADV Films in February 1994. Grant is also known for portraying Nojiko in One Piece, Altena in Noir, and Ryoko Subaru in Martian Successor Nadesico. Grant is an independent contractor and in addition to her work at ADV Films, she has also worked for Funimation, Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks, and Illumitoon Entertainment.

Mandy Clark is an American voice actress, primarily noted for her role as Tomo Takino in the English-language dub of Azumanga Daioh. She auditioned for ADV Films in the year 2000 without prior drama training, and landed her first episode role in Excel Saga. She went on retired from voice acting in 2004 in order to begin attending college. In early 2006 she returned to Houston and has since graduated. She is currently working as a freelance digital artist. She was married in 2009.

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Takayuki Yamaguchi is a Japanese voice actor who works for 81 Produce.

Chiemi Chiba is a Japanese actress and voice actress affiliated with Umikaze. She is best known for her roles from the anime series as Yuzuriha Nekoi in Tsubasa Chronicle, Hinako in Sister Princess, Doremi Harukaze in Ojamajo Doremi, Nanaka Kirisato in Nanaka 6/17, Wanya in UFO Baby and Kyoko Kirisaki in Black Cat. She announced on her 38th birthday; February 25, 2013 that she had gotten married.

Sasha Paysinger is a voice actress for ADV Films and Sentai Filmworks for English-dubbed anime titles. Her major roles include Hatoko Kobayashi in Angelic Layer, Asami in Mezzo DSA, Nana in Elfen Lied, Marie in Sister Princess, and Shin in Pretear. When away from voice acting, she has worked as a flight attendant.

Di Gi Charat Nyo! is a Japanese anime and an alternate adaptation of Di Gi Charat. The series features Dejiko, and Puchiko, two catgirls who travel to Earth, for princess training, where they are accidentally split up.

Asuka Tanii, is a Japanese voice actress.

Tetsurō Araki is a Japanese anime director.

Marguerite Kathryn "Maggie" Flecknoe is an American television and radio personality and actress.

Mark Ishii is a Japanese voice actor who was affiliated with Space Craft Entertainment but changed to Just Professional in 2016. Ishii is the son of Japanese father and Filipino mother. He is the former husband of voice actress Atsuko Enomoto. Ishii is best known for his role as Chrono Shindou in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G series and as Bellri Zenam in Gundam Reconguista in G.


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