Attila József Prize

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The Attila József Prize is an annually awarded Hungarian literary prize for excellence in the field of belles-lettres. It was first resented in 1950 in honour of the poet Attila József. Another major Hungarian literary prize is the Kossuth Prize.


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Some notable prizewinners include:

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The Baumgarten Prize was founded by Ferenc Ferdinánd Baumgarten on October 17, 1923. It was awarded every year from 1929 to 1949. In its time, it was the most prestigious literary prize awarded by Hungary and is considered as equivalent to the subsequent literary prizes established in 20th century Hungary, the Attila József Prize and the Kossuth Prize.

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Magda Szabó Hungarian novelist

Magda Szabó was a Hungarian novelist. She also wrote dramas, essays, studies, memoirs, and poetry. She is the most translated Hungarian author, with publications in 42 countries and over 30 languages.

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Aurora Publishing was a German-Hungarian publishing company, established in 1963 in Munich by József Molnár. It published 2 to 3 volumes annually, which, until 1983, were printed in-house. They published some 60 volumes until 1990, and the volumes are grouped into sets, "Aurora Kiskönyvtár" and "Aurora Kiskönyvek". Molnár also published a series on church history entitled Dissertationes Hungaricae ex historia Ecclesiae. In some volumes, Aurora Publishing is sometimes simply listed as Aurora or even as Molnár Ny or Molnár. The reason for the existence of Aurora disappeared by the fall of communism. Molnár endeavoured to publish the works of contemporary émigré Hungarian authors, including:

Attila Bartis American author and journalist

Attila Bartis is a Romanian-born Hungarian writer, photographer, dramatist and journalist. He received the Attila József Prize in 2005. His books have been translated into over 20 different languages. In 2001, he published his second novel, Tranquility, which was adapted into film in 2008. In 2017, he became a member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts.

Magvető Hungarian book publisher

Magvető is a Hungarian book publishing company based in Budapest. It primarily publishes domestic and international works of literary fiction.


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