Aylin Nazlıaka

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Aylin Coşkunoğlu Nazlıaka

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Member of the Grand National Assembly
In office
12 June 2011 7 July 2018
Constituency Ankara (I) (2011, June 2015, Nov 2015)
Personal details
Born (1968-12-03) December 3, 1968 (age 50)
Ankara, Turkey
Political partyIndependent (2016-)
Other political
Republican People's Party (CHP) (until 2016)
OccupationPolitician, Economist

Aylin Nazlıaka (*1968 in Ankara) is a Turkish politician.


Education & Professional Career

She holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the Middle East Technical University. She completed “Emerging Leaders” programme at Harvard Kennedy School in the USA. She started her career at private sector. At the age of 24, she decided to establish her own company, named HRM Consulting. The firm has become one of the most reputable human resources consultancy companies in Turkey. She became one of the leading names of Turkey in the scope of management and human resources. In addition to HRM Consulting, she became the partner of an international human resources company in 2008, which has offices in 52 countries.

Middle East Technical University university

Middle East Technical University is a public technical university located in Ankara, Turkey. The university puts special emphasis on research and education in engineering and natural sciences, offering about 40 undergraduate programs within 5 faculties, and 97 masters and 62 doctorate programs within 5 graduate schools. The main campus of METU spans an area of 11,100 acres (4,500 ha), comprising, in addition to academic and auxiliary facilities, a forest area of 7,500 acres (3,000 ha), and the natural lake Eymir. METU has more than 120,000 alumni worldwide. The official language of instruction at METU is English.

John F. Kennedy School of Government School of public administration of Harvard University

The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University is a public policy and public administration school, of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. The school offers master's degrees in public policy, public administration, and international development, grants several doctoral degrees, and many executive education programs. It conducts research in subjects relating to politics, government, international affairs, and economics. Since 1970 the school has graduated 17 heads of state, the most of any educational institution.

Aylin Nazlıaka is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences. She has many articles published in journals. She gave lectures about Human Resources Management at Bilkent University. She is the Advisory Board Member of Endeavor Turkey.

Bilkent University university in Turkey

Bilkent University is a private university located in Ankara, Turkey. It was founded by Prof. İhsan Doğramacı in 1984, with the aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. It was the first non-profit private university established in the country. The name Bilkent is an abbreviation of bilim kenti: Turkish for "city of science". It is constantly ranked among the top Turkish universities since its establishment. In 2011, it is listed as the top 112th university in the world by THE World University Rankings.

Member of Parliament

Thanks to a proposal made by Republican People’s Party (CHP), she entered politics that has always taken her great interest and selected as the member of Party Assembly in 2010. In the elections of 2011, she has been selected as the Deputy of Ankara. Besides, she is the member of EU Harmonization and Turkey-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee at Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Nazlıaka won the pre-elections and once more she became the Member of Parliament for Ankara. Aylin Nazlıaka is the architect of the CHP’s “Plus for the Youth” project which aims to create equal opportunity for unemployed young people. Awards won include “Business Women of the Year Award”, 2001; “Middle East Technical University Honor Award”, 2002; “Young Business Women of the Year Award”, 2008; “Awards For People Touching Lives”,2012; “Member of Parliament of the Year Award”, 2012; “Women’s Platform Award”, 2012; “Member of Parliament of the Year Award”, 2013; “Politician of the Year Award”, 2013 and “Politician of the Year Award”, 2014. She is married with two children.

Republican Peoples Party (Turkey) social-democratic political party in Turkey

The Republican People's Party is a Kemalist, social-democratic political party in Turkey. It is the oldest political party in the country, and is currently the main opposition in the Grand National Assembly. The CHP describes itself as "a modern social democratic party, which is faithful to the founding principles and values of the Republic of Turkey". The party is cited as "the founding party of modern Turkey". Its logo consists of the Six Arrows, which represent the foundational principles of Kemalism: republicanism, nationalism, statism, populism, laicism, and reformism.

In 2015 she claimed that, a CHP PM put down Atatürk's portrait from his office. Later he was identified as CHP Ankara PM Necati Yılmaz  [ tr ], whom she never publicly disclosed. She couldn't prove her claims, and resulted with a slander claim against her. [1] The discipline committee decided to expel her with 8 against 7 votes in 4 March 2016. [2]

On 19 January 2017 she handcuffed herself to the podium, causing the first female fight in the TBMM. [3] [4]

Grand National Assembly of Turkey parliament of Turkey

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, usually referred to simply as the TBMM or Parliament, is the unicameral Turkish legislature. It is the sole body given the legislative prerogatives by the Turkish Constitution. It was founded in Ankara on 23 April 1920 in the midst of the National Campaign. The parliament was fundamental in the efforts of Mareşal Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1st President of the Republic of Turkey, and his colleagues to found a new state out of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

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