Béla Csécsei

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Béla Csécsei
Mayor of Józsefváros
District VIII, Budapest
In office
2 February 1993 2 September 2009
Preceded byZoltán Koppány
Succeeded by Máté Kocsis
Personal details
Born(1952-10-12)12 October 1952
Budapest, Hungary
Died31 December 2012(2012-12-31) (aged 60)
Budapest, Hungary
Political party SZDSZ (1989–2009)
Professioneducator, politician

Béla Csécsei (October 12, 1952 – December 31, 2012) [1] was a Hungarian educator and politician, who served as Mayor of Józsefváros (8th district of Budapest) from February 2, 1993 to September 2, 2009. [2]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Zoltán Koppány
Mayor of Józsefváros
Succeeded by
Máté Kocsis