Bahçesaray (district)

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Coordinates: 38°07′43″N42°48′27″E / 38.12861°N 42.80750°E / 38.12861; 42.80750 Coordinates: 38°07′43″N42°48′27″E / 38.12861°N 42.80750°E / 38.12861; 42.80750
CountryFlag of Turkey.svg  Turkey
Province Van
  MayorMeki Arvas [1] (AKP)
   Kaymakam Muhammet Öztabak [2]
  District489.69 km2 (189.07 sq mi)
 (2012) [4]
  District density35/km2 (91/sq mi)
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Bahçesaray (Kurdish : Miks) [5] is a district in Van Province in Turkey. It was a bucak in Pervari district of Siirt Province until 1964 and Gevaş district of Van Province between 1964 and 1987. It is at a distance of 110 kilometres (68 mi) from Van. The mayor is Mehmet Garip Aykut (BDP).



The name comes from Persian باغچه سرای "bāghche-sarāy" which means "the Garden Palace". Its former name was Müküs, derived from Armenian Mokkʿ (Armenian : Մոկք) region. The name of the city in Armenian: Մոկս, Moks. In Kurdish : Miks, derived from the Armenian. The word "Mokk'" in classical Armenian language means: "the place of the magic". According to the legend, Amenap'rkich ("Wholly Saviour") abbey that was nearby Moks, has the grave of a magician by name Gaspar. Probably name of "the place of the magic" or just "Mokk" is connected with this mysterious personality. But scientific sources say that in the Urartu era there existed the Moxene tribe and Moxenne, so the names Mokk' and Moks originated from this tribe's name.

The word Bahçesaray is compound of bahçe ("garden") and saray ("palace"). Bakhchysarai in Crimea has the same name.


The district corresponds to Historical Armenia's Mok Arandznak district, which was part of the greater province of Moxoene.

2020 avalanches

On 4 and 5 February 2020, a pair of avalanches struck a highway in the district, leaving at least 41 people dead and 84 others injured. [6]

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Saray or Seray is a word of Persian origin which means "palace". It may refer to:

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The name Bahçesaray comes from Persian باغچه سرای bāghche-sarāy which means the Garden Palace.

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Moxoene was a province of the ancient kingdom of Armenia, today in Van province, Turkey, as well as a feudal familial name c. 400–800, also known by the name Moghk or Mox, Moxq, Moxus, Moxos, Moks, Mukus, Miks, Mikus, sometimes Mekes, as Muksî or Muskî in Kurdish, today Bahçesaray in Turkish. The settlement was known in Roman times as Moxos, after the 8th century as Mokks or Moks, and after the 18th century as Mukus. Moxoene may have been named after the Bronze Age Mushki people, who according to Assyrian sources, settled in the region.

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Edremit, is a district in the Van Province of Turkey. The district's central town which has the same name is situated on the coast of Lake Van at a distance of 18 kilometres (11 mi) from the city of Van.

Armenian–Kurdish relations Diplomatic relations between Armenian and Kurdish

Armenian–Kurdish relations covers the historical relations between the Kurds and the Armenians.

Kurdish recognition of the Armenian Genocide

There is a recognition by several groups of Kurds of the participation of their ancestors in the Armenian Genocide during World War I. Some Kurdish tribes, mainly as part of the Ottoman army, along with the Turks and other people, participated in massacres of Armenians. Other Kurds opposed the genocide, in some cases even hiding or adopting Armenian refugees. Also, inmates in Ottoman prisons, including Kurds and Turks, were given amnesty and released from prison if they would massacre the Armenians.

Aparank Monastery or Aparanq, or Holy Cross Aparank, is an Armenian monastery located in modern-day Turkey, Van province near the city of Bahçesaray. It is part of the historical Armenian province of Moxoene.

2020 Van avalanches Two avalanches occured near Bahçesaray In February 2020.

In February 2020, two avalanches occurred near Bahçesaray in Turkey's eastern Van Province. The first, on 4 February, buried two vehicles, leading to a rescue operation involving around 350 people. The second, on 5 February, occurred while this operation was ongoing. At least 41 people were killed in the two avalanches, with 84 others being injured, six seriously.


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