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Baladiyah (Arabic : بلدية) is a type of Arabic administrative division that can be translated as "district", "sub-district" [1] or "municipality". [2] The plural is baladiyat (Arabic : بلديات). Grammatically, it is the feminine of بلدي "rural, country-, folk-".


The Arabic term amanah (أمانة) is also used for "municipality". [3]

Arab countries


Specific setNote
Communes of Algeria Refer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of Lebanon Refer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of Qatar Top level
Baladiyat of Libya Pre-1995 and post-2013
Municipalities of Damascus



In Turkish, the word belediye (definite accusative belediyesi), which is a loan from Arabic, means "municipality" or "city council".

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Municipalities of Qatar

Since 2015, Qatar has been divided into eight municipalities. A new municipality, Al Daayen, was created under Resolution No. 13, formed from parts of Umm Salal and Al Khawr; at the same time, Al Ghuwariyah was merged with Al Khawr; Al Jumaliyah was merged with Ar Rayyan; Jarayan al Batnah was split between Ar Rayyan and Al Wakrah; and Mesaieed was merged with Al Wakrah. In 2014, the western city of Al-Shahaniya split off from Al Rayyan Municipality to form its own municipality.

Al Rayyan Municipality in Qatar

Al Rayyan is the third-largest municipality in the state of Qatar. Its primary settlement is the city of the same name, which occupies the entire eastern section and largely surrounds Metropolitan Doha and functions as a suburb. The vast expanse of mostly undeveloped lands in the south-west also falls under the municipality's administration.

Shabiyah is an administrative division of Libya. It is often translated as popularate, but also as "municipality" or "district".

Al-Ittihad SC Aleppo

Al-Ittihad Sports Club of Aleppo is a professional multi-sports club based in the Syrian city of Aleppo, mostly known for its football team which competes in the Syrian Premier League, the top league of Syrian football. Being one of the most successful clubs in Syrian football history, Al-Ittihad won six Syrian football league titles and nine Syrian cups. In Asia, their best performance was in 2010 when they became champions of AFC Cup competition.

Administrative divisions of Yemen One of two main types of bureaucratic divisions in Yemen

The administrative division of Yemen is divided into two main divisions. There are 22 governorates, including the capital Sana'a and Socotra Archipelago. The 22 Governorates are then divided into 333 districts, subdivided into 2,210 sub-districts, and then into 38,284 villages.

Al-Shahaniya Municipality in Qatar

Al Shahaniya is a municipality (3299 km2) in Qatar, with its municipal seat as a city of the same name (39 km2). Formerly in the municipality of Al Rayyan, but now an independent municipality, the municipal seat was delimited in 1988 by Law No. 22. In 2014, the cabinet ratified a draft amending some provisions to the 1988 law, thereby formalizing Al Shahaniya as Qatar's eighth municipality.

Tripoli District, Libya District of Libya

Tripoli District is one of the 22 first level subdivisions (بلدية) of Libya. Its capital and largest city is Tripoli, the national capital. Tripoli District is in the Tripolitania region of northwestern Libya. The district has a shoreline along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Zawiya in the west, Jafara in the southwest, Jabal al Gharbi in the south and Murqub in the east.

Unaizah Municipality

Unaizah Municipality is the headquarters of the Metropolitan area of Unaizah, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Yarmouk Sports Club is a Syrian sports club based in Aleppo, best known for their football. Founded in 1925, Al-Yarmouk is the 2nd oldest sports organization in Syria. The club have won the Syrian regions football championship for several times before the establishment of the official Syrian football league in 1966. They were the winners of the Syrian Cup in 1963–1964, being the only official achievement in the club's history. Between 1925–1946, Al-Yarmouk was known as Homenetmen Aleppo. In 1946, the name was changed to Al-Nadi As-Souri until 1971 when it was renamed Al-Yarmouk. The club play their home games at the 7 April Municipal Stadium.

Municipalities of Damascus

Administratively, Damascus Governorate, one of Syria's 14 governorates, is divided into two cities: the city of Damascus and the city of Yarmouk. The city of Damascus is divided into 15 municipal districts. These districts -in their turn- are divided into 95 neighborhoods. Yarmouk is one whole municipality, and is divided into 6 neighborhoods.

Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem

The Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, also known as the Sanjak of Jerusalem, was an Ottoman district with special administrative status established in 1872. The district encompassed Jerusalem as well as Bethlehem, Hebron, Jaffa, Gaza and Beersheba. During the late Ottoman period, the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, together with the Sanjak of Nablus and Sanjak of Akka (Acre), formed the region that was commonly referred to as "Palestine". It was the 7th most heavily populated region of the Ottoman Empire's 36 provinces.

Al Utouriya Village in Al-Shahaniya, Qatar

Al Utouriya is a village in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya. The village is located about 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of Al-Shahaniya City and the same distance south of Al Jemailiya. It is connected to both places by road.

Rawdat Rashed Village in Al-Shahaniya, Qatar

Rawdat Rashed is a village in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al-Shahaniya. It was demarcated in 1988. It used to be part of the Jariyan Al Batnah municipality before the municipality was incorporated into Al Rayyan. In 2014, the village was incorporated into the newly-created Al-Shahaniya Municipality. The Dhal Al Misfir cave is located in the area.

Democratic Alliance List

The Democratic Alliance List, also referred to as the Democratic Alliance Forces or just the Democratic Alliance, was a coalition launched before the Palestinian local government elections that were initially scheduled for October 2016, consisting of five left-wing Palestinian factions:

Zakrit Place in Mount-Lebanon, Lebanon

Zakrit is a town located in Matn, Mount-Lebanon, Lebanon. No official census has been done but local estimates range slightly less than 4500. Zakrit lies on the western slope of Mount-Lebanon overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Jounieh. This small Lebanese town is predominantly Maronite Catholic.

Ad-Dawhah (municipality) Municipality in Qatar

Ad-Dawhah is the one of the eight municipalities of Qatar. It is the most populous municipality with a population of 956,457, all of whom live in Qatar's capital city, Doha.

Wadi Al Wasaah Place in Al Daayen, Qatar

Wadi Al Wasaah is a village in the municipality of Al Daayen in Qatar. It is bordered by the Umm Salal Municipality to west, Rawdat Al Hamama to the east and Al Sakhama to the north.

Jernaya Place in South Governorate, Lebanon

Jernaya is a municipality located in South Lebanon, on the border between the districts of Jezzine and Nabatiyeh. Its inhabitants are primarily Maronite Catholics.

Baladiyat Al-Basra Sport Club, is an Iraqi football team based in Al-Saie District, Basra, that plays in Iraq Division one.

Qaaqaaiyet El Snoubar Village in South Governorate, Lebanon

Qaaqaaiyet El Snoubar is a village in Sidon District, South Governorate, Lebanon. It is located southeast of Sidon, and is considered an "extension" of the villages of Jabal Amel. The population is of about 3,000 inhabitants.


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