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Banda El Recodo
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Banda El Recodo, Cancún, 2009.
Background information
Also known asLa Madre de todas las Bandas
Origin Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
Genres Banda music, Ranchera
Years active1938–present
Associated acts Banda Los Recoditos
  • Luis Alfonso Lizárraga
  • Joel David Lizárraga
  • Carlos Alberto Perez
  • Geovanni Mondragón
  • Mario Alvarado
  • Abel Moreno
  • Omar Rodríguez
  • Jesus Osuna Ostos
  • Jorge López
  • Omar David Castro Cuadras
  • Óscar Álvarez
  • Luis Ibarra
  • Josue Mejía
  • Víctor Sarabia
  • Gustavo Pimentel
  • Alfredo Herrejón
  • Gavino Lopez Esquerra

Past membersAldo Sarabia (deceased)
  • Conrado Calderón
  • Julio Preciado
  • Germán Lizárraga
  • Luis Antonio López
  • Carlos Sarabia
  • Alejandro Ojeda
  • Alejandro Villarreal
  • Noé Obeso Félix
  • Luis Alfonso Partida
  • Carlos Pérez Charly Pérez Voz 2009-2018)

Banda Sinaloense el Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, often referred to as Banda el Recodo, is a Mexican band formed in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México in 1938; it has been under the direction of the Lizárraga family. Banda el Recodo has performed with such popular artists as Juan Gabriel and Pedro Infante. The ensemble consists of four clarinets, three trumpets, a tambora, a bass drum with a cymbal on top, a tarola, a snare drum, a tuba (Sousaphone style), three trombones, two alto horns (referred to as saxores or amonias in Mexico), and two singers.

Mazatlán Place in Sinaloa, Mexico

Mazatlán is a city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. The city serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipio, known as the Mazatlán Municipality. It is located at 23°13′N106°25′W on the Pacific coast, across from the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Sinaloa State of Mexico

Sinaloa, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Sinaloa, is one of the 31 states which, with the Federal District, compose the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. It is divided into 18 municipalities and its capital city is Culiacán Rosales.

Juan Gabriel Mexican singer and songwriter

Alberto Aguilera Valadez, known professionally as Juan Gabriel, was a Mexican singer, songwriter and actor. Colloquially nicknamed as Juanga and El Divo de Juárez, Gabriel was known for his flamboyant style, which broke barriers within the Latin music market. Widely considered one of the best and most prolific Mexican composers and singers of all time, he has been called a pop icon.



Banda El Recodo was founded by Cruz Lizárraga, a young musician who also gave it its current appearance, including the setting, style, shape and number of current members that associated it with the place of their origin, the State of Sinaloa on the Mexican Pacific. El Recodo was named after the town Lizárraga was born in. [1]

They were the first Mexican band to perform in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America.

They were also the first Mexican band to play in the US State of Hawaii.

They are the only band to win the Latin Grammy nine times. In 2003, Banda El Recodo became the first Mexican Band to be invited to perform at The Latin Grammy Awards, repeating their performance in 2008, 2010, 2015 and 2017, which made the Mexican band with the most participation in these awards.

They have received 12 "Premios Lo Nuestro" in their career, becoming the Band with more awards in its genre.

Winners of five Billboard Awards throughout their career in the categories "Album of the Year," "Song of the Year" and "Master Tone."

They are five-time winners of Premios Oye.

Winners of Premios Bandamax, where they also received the special award "Productor y Visionario de La Música Regional."

In 1999, Banda El Recodo performed at the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City, which was attended by over 50,000 fans. Tickets were sold out three days prior to the day of their performance. This made them the first Mexican Band to successfully present themselves in this majestic stage.

In 2000, Banda El Recodo gathered 135 thousand people at the Zócalo of Mexico City.

In 2003, Banda El Recodo performed 3 consecutive days with a total sold out at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City.

In 2004, Banda El Recodo became the first Band to be invited to perform at the White House in front of President George W. Bush, during the festivities of Cinco De Mayo. That same year they performed once again at the Zocalo of Mexico City before more than 100 thousand people that went to see them.

Banda El Recodo has been the only Band that has attended 3 Fifa World Cups (Japan 2002, Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010) to support the Mexican national soccer team with their music during the official games.

In 2006, Banda El Recodo participated in Televisa's soap opera "La Fea más Bella," where they also sang the opening theme song of the soap opera.

Banda El Recodo made a small appearance in the Hollywood cinema for the very first time in the movie "Babel," which was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who decided to use their song "La Fea."

In 2007, Banda El Recodo’s music appeared again in a Hollywood film. Their song "Qué Te Ruegue Quien Te Quiera" was used in one of the scenes of the movie Rocky Balboa.

October 9, 2008 was immortalized as the day of the Banda El Recodo and the day of Don Cruz Lizárraga, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. On this day they were awarded with 2 stars on the walk of fame (one for Banda El Recodo and another for its founder, Don Cruz Lizárraga).

In 2013, Banda El Recodo released their production No. 200 "Haciendo Historia." On October 14, 2014, Trumpeter, Aldo Sarabia went missing over a week. Later on October 22, he was found dead at the age of 50. Authorities said, Sarabia was shot in the neck, had been punched several times. The Attorney General of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio Higuera Gómez, announced that Sarabia was murdered by his wife, Alma Delia Chávez Guerrero, and Jair Alfredo Sandoval Estrada. Sarabia’s funeral was held on October 23, 2014 and he was cremated. In 2015, Banda El Recodo’s single "Todo Tuyo” was the opening theme song for the soap opera "Mi Corazón Es Tuyo," which attained the highest ratings of El Canal de las Estrellas. Through this new single, the band created a great campaign in social media which no other band had ever done before. The campaign consisted of celebrities and thousands of fans posting a photo simulating he figure of a heart with their hands. This caused great commotion amongst social media users and thousands of retweets that made the band and its campaign a Twitter trend.

Banda El Recodo surprised once again and proved why they are known as the Mother of All Bands on July 19, 2015, by performing in Madrid, Spain. Don Cruz Lizárraga once said: "I will not cease until the music of Banda El Recodo is heard throughout all the world," and this performance in Spain made that dream a reality once again. Two thousand people gathered at the Circo Price in Madrid to dance, sing and delight themselves with every song of Banda El Recodo. These were also the songs that several years prior had taken them to the Old Continent before any other band. That eventful night was full of surprises, which included a duet with the famous David Bustamante, one of the most important singers in Spain.

In February 2016, Banda El Recodo made history once again by touring in Guatemala. Thousands of Guatemalans awaited anxiously to sing and dance with the sound of the ‘tambora.’ In April 2016, Banda El Recodo broke a record of attendance at the "Semana Internacional de La Moto." They proved that their music has no barriers or borders, and that it goes beyond trends, by having a great acceptance from the 'bikers.'

Banda El Recodo made it to Nicaragua in 2016, with two large shows in "La Plaza Taurina Humberto E Isabel Mungrio" in Juigalpa and another one in the "Estadio Noel Gamez" in the city of Estelí. More than 16 thousand people gathered to once again make the dream of their founder Don Cruz Lizárraga a reality to continue touring to take their music to every possible place in the world.

Also in 2016, Banda El Recodo presented their record production "RAÍCES," an album of nostalgia in which Poncho and Joel Lizárraga, along with the rest of the members of Banda El Recodo, tried with all their pride to bring to the new generations the old notes that their father directed for several years. These notes were brought to life with new musical arrangements, maintaining the essence that lead Don Cruz Lizárraga to position himself as the leader of the genre. Don Cruz Lizárraga started his career playing in fairs, and then joined international artists who already had a name in the musical industry. These artists saw Banda EL Recodo as the way to become known within the Banda's music.

In August 2016, their record production "RAICES" took over the #1 position of the Regional Mexican chart of the Billboard magazine and #2 of Latin album charts.

In September 2016, Banda El Recodo had great success by transcending borders thanks to their great effort and work to look for innovative ways to present new music. Proof of it was their song "Las Fresas" featuring the singer Wisin. This song placed for many consecutive weeks in the first place of Chile's important popularity charts.

In November 2016, Banda El Recodo takes for the very first time their music to Chile. They stayed in Santiago de Chile for four days where they visited several radio stations: Radio Corazón and Radio Carolina, where they were very excited and anxious to have in their facilities for the very first time a Mexican Band visiting Chile. Banda El Recodo also made a Facebook Live with the newspaper La Cuarta, where they played a couple of hits, among them "Las Fresas." Banda El Recodo also performed at a television program "Mucho Gusto," the most important morning show in the country. The band was an absolute success with the audience. The production received so many calls from the audience that they ended up performing four songs instead of only one total, which no artist had ever gotten to do in that program.

The magazine "Lideres Mexicanos" celebrates its 25th anniversary, and in their special edition of November this renowned magazine dedicated for the very first time six pages to a worthy representative of Sinaloa's music, Alfonso Lizárraga. People had the opportunity to know more about Alfonso’s background story, which also served an opportunity for him to share a message of leadership, promoting the culture and effort, work, trust of ideals and the highest human values. Alfonso is very clear on these and has them very present in his daily life, which has led him to be both one of the leaders of Banda El Recodo and a great Mexican leader.

Banda El Recodo closed 2016 with great news. The Band recorded a song composed by Mario Quintero Lara, which was used as the main song of the Telemundo series "El Chema." The soundtrack tells the story of this controversial character in recent times and who better than Banda El Recodo to give it life.

2016 was a big year for Banda El Recodo, the Band was once again nominated for the sixth time to the American Grammy. Their successful album "Raíces" took them to their 9th Latin Grammy. In 2016, they also achieved enormous popularity with the songs "Mujer Mujer" and "Vale la Pena."

Banda El Recodo started off 2017 with the release of the single "Me Prometí Olvidarte," a ‘ranchera’ song that talks about deception, anger and lack of love.

To close off 2017, Banda El Recodo was nominated once again for the Latin Grammy in the “Best Banda Album” category for their album Ayer y Hoy. The Band ended up winning the award, which summed their 10th Latin Grammy. Aside from celebrating their winning success, the Band performed completely live on stage at the Latin Grammy 2017, a medley that included the songs "En Mi Viejo San Juan" and "Viva Mexico." This was a tribute to both Puerto Rico and Mexico, who had been recently affected by severe natural disasters. For this medley, the Band was joined by the Mexican singer Lila Downs, who, like Banda El Recodo, has been a precursor of Mexican music and culture throughout the world.

On top of continuing weekly with their tour of shows throughout Mexico and the United States, Banda El Recodo is also currently planning the festivities that mark the 80th anniversary of the creation of "La Madre de Todas Las Bandas," which will be celebrated in mid-2018.


Discography with Fonovisa

<i>No Me Sé Rajar</i> 2002 studio album by Banda el Recodo

No Me Sé Rajar is a studio album released by the Mexican banda ensemble Banda el Recodo. This album became their first number-one album in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and also received a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album.

<i>Las Numero Uno</i> 2010 compilation album by Banda el Recodo

Las Numero Uno is a compilation album by Banda El Recodo. The album contains the singles "Me Gusta Todo De Ti" and "Te Pido Perdón ". There are also many other singles from the band.

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Banda Los Recoditos is a Mexican Banda formed in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. It was founded in 1989 by friends and family members of Banda el Recodo by Cruz Lizárraga. Alfonso Lizárraga and Pancho Barraza, the first vocalists, were two of the more than dozen bandmembers comprising the original incarnation of the band. After releasing several albums, in 2010 the band released their album ¡Ando Bien Pedo!, featuring the single of the same title, which became a number-one hit in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

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  1. "El Recodo suma otro triunfo".