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Banmauk (ဝဵင်းမၢၼ်ႈမွၵ်ႇ)
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Banmauk (ဝဵင်းမၢၼ်ႈမွၵ်ႇ)
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 24°24′N95°51′E / 24.400°N 95.850°E / 24.400; 95.850 Coordinates: 24°24′N95°51′E / 24.400°N 95.850°E / 24.400; 95.850
CountryFlag of Myanmar.svg  Myanmar
Region Flag of Sagaing Region (2019).svg  Sagaing Region
District Katha District
Township Banmauk Township
Time zone UTC+6.30 (MST)

Banmauk or Bamauk (Shan :ဝဵင်းမၢၼ်ႈမွၵ်ႇ) is a town in the Sagaing Division in Burma. It is connected by road to Pinlebu which links with Phaungbyin and Kawlin. [1] The township is home to the Shan, Kadu and Kanan ethnic minorities, and the region has witnessed fighting between the Communists and the government troops. There is a famous mount called Santlon. Santlon is Shan Language. It means "Great Elephant". [2]


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Sagaing Region Region of Myanmar

Sagaing Region is an administrative region of Myanmar, located in the north-western part of the country between latitude 21° 30' north and longitude 94° 97' east. It is bordered by India’s Nagaland, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh States to the north, Kachin State, Shan State, and Mandalay Region to the east, Mandalay Region and Magway Region to the south, with the Ayeyarwady River forming a greater part of its eastern and also southern boundary, and Chin State and India to the west. The region has an area of 93,527 km2. In 1996, it had a population of over 5,300,000 while its population in 2012 was 6,600,000. The urban population in 2012 was 1,230,000 and the rural population was 5,360,000. The capital city of Sagaing Region is Monywa.

Shan State State of Myanmar

Shan State is a state of Myanmar. Shan State borders China (Yunnan) to the north, Laos to the east, and Thailand to the south, and five administrative divisions of Burma in the west. The largest of the 14 administrative divisions by land area, Shan State covers 155,800 km2, almost a quarter of the total area of Burma. The state gets its name from Burmese name for the Tai people: "Shan people". The Shan constitute the majority among several ethnic groups that inhabit the area. Shan is largely rural, with only three cities of significant size: Lashio, Kengtung, and the capital, Taunggyi. Taunggyi is 150.7 km northeast of the nation's capital Naypyitaw.

Administrative divisions of Myanmar

Myanmar is divided into twenty-one administrative subdivisions, which include states, regions, union territory, self-administered zones and self-administered division. Following is the table of government subdivisions and its organizational structure based on different states, regions, zones, division and the union territory:

Mandalay Region Region of Myanmar

Mandalay Region is an administrative division of Myanmar. It is located in the center of the country, bordering Sagaing Region and Magway Region to the west, Shan State to the east, and Bago Region and Kayin State to the south. The regional capital is Mandalay. To the south of the region lies the national capital of Nay Pyi Taw. The division consists of seven districts, which are subdivided into 28 townships and 2,320 wards and village-tracts.

Htigyaing Town in Sagaing Region, Myanmar

Htigyaing, also spelt Tigyaing, is a town in eastern Sagaing Division, in northern Myanmar. It is a port on the Irrawaddy River and the administrative seat of Tigyaing Township.

Pinlebu Town in Sagaing Region, Myanmar

Pinlebu is a town in Katha District, Sagaing Division of Myanmar on the Mu River. It is the administrative seat of Pinlebu Township. The town is connected by road to Phaungbyin, Kawlin, and Bamauk. Its inhabitants include the Kadu and Kanan ethnic minorities, and the region has witnessed fighting between the Communists and the government troops.

Mu River river in Myanmar

Mu River is a river in upper central Myanmar (Burma), and a tributary of the country's chief river the Ayeyarwady. It drains the Kabaw valley and part of the Dry Zone between the Ayeyarwady to the east and its largest tributary Chindwin River to the west, flows directly north to south for about 275 km (171 mi) and enters the Ayeyarwady west of Sagaing near Myinmu.

Shweli River

Shweli River is a river in Myanmar (Burma). Also known as Nam Mao in Shan and Ruili River or Long Chuan River(龙川江) in Chinese, it forms part of the boundary between Burma and China. It is one of the tributaries of the country's chief river, the Ayeyarwady, and arises in Yunnan Province of China. It flows through northern Shan state and Sagaing Division, and enters the Ayeyarwady at Inywa, 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Tagaung and south of Katha.

Momeik Town in Shan, Myanmar

Momeik, also known as Mong Mit in Shan, is a town situated on the Shweli River in northern Shan State of Myanmar (Burma).

Kabaw Valley Historical border region between Manipur and Burma.

The Kabaw Valley also known as Kubo valley is a highland valley in Myanmar's western Sagaing division, close to the border with India's Manipur. The valley is located between Heerok or Yoma ranges of mountains, which constitute the present day border of Manipur, and the Chindwin River. The valley is home to a number of ethnic groups including the Meitei, the Thadou people, Kuki people, the Mizo, the Kadu and the Kanan.

Katha District is the northeasternmost district in Sagaing Region of Myanmar. Its administrative center is the town of Katha. The district consists of the townships of Banmauk, Indaw, Katha, Kawlin, Pinlebu, Tigyaing, and Wuntho.

Banmauk Township Township in Sagaing Region, Myanmar

Banmauk Township is a township in Katha District in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar. The principal town is Banmauk.

Mankat Village in Sagaing Region, Burma

Mankat is a large village in Banmauk Township, Katha District, in the Sagaing Region of northern-central Burma. The area is known for its Mankat Forest reserve.

Khamo Village in Sagaing Region, Burma

Khamo is a large village in Banmauk Township, Katha District, in the Sagaing Region of northern-central Burma.

Naunglon Village in Sagaing Region, Burma

Naunglon is a village in Banmauk Township, Katha District, in the Sagaing Region of northern-central Myanmar about 230 mi south-east of Nay Pyi Taw, the country's capital, 38 mile from Bamauk and 35 miles from Pinlebu. It has 140 households and one Buddhist monastery, one primary school, and one pre-school. It is a middle sized village in that region. The village economy is mainly farming, digging for gold, and forests. Houses are built with timber and bamboo. The villagers are Buddhist and speak Shan and Kadu. The level of economic development, education and health care of the village is below the average.

Kadu or Kado is a Sino-Tibetan language of the Sal branch spoken in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Dialects are Settaw, Mawkhwin, and Mawteik [extinct], with 30,000 speakers total.

Peinnebin is the name of several villages in Burma:

Ganan is a Sino-Tibetan language of northwestern Myanmar. It belongs to the Luish branch, and is most closely related to the Kadu language of Myanmar.

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