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Barbara Cassin
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Laura Cassin

(1947-10-24) 24 October 1947 (age 75)
Nationality French
Education Lycée La Fontaine
Alma mater University of Paris
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Continental philosophy
Institutions Académie française

Barbara Cassin (French:  [kasɛ̃] ; born 24 October 1947) is a French philologist and philosopher. She was elected to the Académie française on 4 May 2018. Cassin is the recipient of the Grand Prize of Philosophy of the Académie française. She is an Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris. Cassin is a program Director at the International College of Philosophy and the director of its Scientific Council and member of its board of directors. She was a director of Collège international de philosophie established by Jacques Derrida. [1] In 2006 she succeeded Jonathan Barnes to the directorship of the leading centre of excellence in Ancient philosophy, Centre Leon-Robin, at the Sorbonne. [2] In recent years she has been teaching seminars and writing books in partnership with Alain Badiou.



Her work centers on Sophism and rhetoric, and their relation to philosophy. In a footnote in 2007's Logic of Worlds, Alain Badiou portrays her work as a synthesis of Heideggerian thought with the linguistic turn. [3]

From 1991 to 2007, she co-directed with Alain Badiou the series L'Ordre Philosophique, at Le Seuil publishers. [4] She is the series editor of Unesco's journal Revue des Femmes Philosophes [5]

She is the author of L'Effet Sophistique (1995) and the editor of Vocabulaire Européen des Philosophies, (2004) [6] an international collective work of philosophers sponsored by the European Union. She has also written Google-moi. La Deuxième Mission de l'Amérique (2007), [7]

In September 2012, a Cerisy symposium about her works was held, with contributions by Étienne Balibar, Fernando Santoro, Michel Deguy, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Philippe-Joseph Salazar and Alain Badiou, among others. [8] Barbara Cassin is also an art curator and her exhibition of translation is highly acclaimed. [9]


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