Barbara Stager

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Barbara Stager
Barbara Terry [1]

(1948-10-30) October 30, 1948 (age 74)
Other namesBarbara Ford
Criminal status Incarcerated
Conviction(s) First degree murder
Criminal penaltyDeath, commuted to life imprisonment
VictimsRussell Stager
DateFebruary 1, 1988;34 years ago (1988-02-01)
State(s)North Carolina
Location(s) Durham
Weapon.25 caliber pistol [2]

Barbara Stager (born October 30, 1948) [3] is an American woman who was convicted in 1989 of murdering her husband, Russell Stager, in 1988. Russell was shot while in bed; Barbara reported the shooting as accidental. Her first husband also died under similar circumstances. [4] [5]


In media

"Till Death Do Us Part: The Barbara Stager Story", is an episode of A&E's television series American Justice , which profiled the case. [6] [7] Jerry Bledsoe also wrote a book in 1994 about the case, entitled Before He Wakes: A True Story of Money, Marriage, Sex and Murder, [8] which was later made into a TV movie in 1998 with the same title starring Jaclyn Smith. A&E's City Confidential presented its perspective on the case in the 2003 episode "Durham: Dangerous Housewife". [9] Investigation Discovery's Deadly Women series portrayed the story in the 2010 "Fortune Hunters" episode [10] and their Scorned: Love Kills revisited the case in its own "'Til Debt Do Us Part," in 2012. [11] The Forensic Files series had an episode "Broken Promises" [12] about this case; Investigation Discovery examined the case a third time in 2015, with an episode entitled "No Accident" in its Fatal Vows series. [13] In 1999, the Discovery Channel's The New Detectives series, Season 4, Episode 6, "Women Who Kill" featured Barbara Stager's crime. [14]

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