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urban-type settlement
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Baryshivka Railway Station
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Coat of arms
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Coordinates: 50°21′14″N31°19′00″E / 50.35389°N 31.31667°E / 50.35389; 31.31667 Coordinates: 50°21′14″N31°19′00″E / 50.35389°N 31.31667°E / 50.35389; 31.31667
Country Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Oblast Flag of Kyiv Oblast.svg  Kyiv Oblast
Raion Baryshivka Raion
  Total5 km2 (2 sq mi)
  Density2,200/km2 (5,800/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
  Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s) +380 4576

Baryshivka (Ukrainian : Бáришівка, Russian : Бáрышевка) is an urban-type settlement[ clarify ] in Kyiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Baryshivka Raion. Population: 10,626 (2020 est.) [1] . In 2001, population was 11,178.

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Baryshivka Raion was a raion in east-central Kyiv Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Its administrative center was Baryshivka. The raions area totaled 957.6 km². The raion was formerly known as Baryshivska Rairada from 1923 to 1963. The raion was abolished on 18 July 2020 as part of the administrative reform of Ukraine, which reduced the number of raions of Kyiv Oblast to seven. The last estimate of the raion population was 34,577 .

The Kyiv metropolitan area is an unofficially-designated urban agglomeration in Ukraine within the Kyiv Oblast, consisting of the country's capital city of Kyiv, its satellite settlements and nearest rural areas closely bound to the city by employment and commerce. According to different sources, it is ranked among 20 largest metropolitan areas in Europe.

The Ukrainian Women's Professional Football League, WFPL, is part of the Ukrainian football clubs competitions among females that consists of two divisions, the Top League which has a professional status and the First League which was revived in 2013 after 20-year break and is a competition among amateur clubs. Participation of a club in league competitions has to be approved by regional football federations and the All-Ukrainian Association of Women's Football. The All-Ukrainian Association of Women's Football is Ukrainian public organization that governs and organizes all football competitions among females in Ukraine, including the league competitions.

The following gallery displays the official coats of arms of the 27 oblasts, autonomous republics and cities with special status of Ukraine:

Kyiv Oblast is subdivided into districts (raions) which are subdivided into amalgamated territorial communities (hromadas).

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Alyona Olehivna Savranenko, better known by her stage name alyona alyona, is a Ukrainian rapper and songwriter of Ukrainian language. She released her debut album, Pushka («Пушка»), in 2019, followed by an extended play the same year, V khati MA.

WFC Tornado Kyiv was one of a better Soviet and Ukrainian women's football club from Kiev. The club was liquidated in 1993.

Kateryna Pavlenko

Kateryna Anatoliivna Pavlenko, also known by the pseudonym Monokate is a Ukrainian singer, folklorist and composer, known as the lead singer of the band Go_A.


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