Basil Emmott

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Basil Emmott
Born(1894-07-05)5 July 1894
London, England
Died23 January 1976(1976-01-23) (aged 81)
Eastbourne, East Sussex, England
Years active1921–1965

Basil Emmott, BSC (5 July 1894 – 23 January 1976) was a prolific English cinematographer with 190 films to his credit, active from the 1920s to the 1960s. Emmott's career started in the silent era and continued through to the mid-1960s. His most prolific decade was the 1930s, when he was involved with almost 120 films, many of which were produced by noted documentary film-maker John Grierson.

Emmott worked mainly in the field of quota quickies and B-movies. His output covered the entire spectrum of film genres, from comedy and musicals, through melodrama and thrillers, to crime and horror films. Directors Emmott worked with included Michael Powell, Arthur B. Woods, Val Guest and Lance Comfort.

Selected filmography (cinematographer)

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