Battle of Schwyz

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Coordinates: 47°1′0″N8°39′0″E / 47.01667°N 8.65000°E / 47.01667; 8.65000

Battle of Schwyz im Muttenthal
Part of the War of the Second Coalition
Date14 – 15 August 1799
Schwyz, Switzerland
Result French victory
Flag of France.svg France Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg Austria
Commanders and leaders
André Masséna Franz, Freiherr von Jellachich
12,000 8,000
Casualties and losses
600 2,400 and six cannons

Battle of Schwyz im Muttenthal occurred on 1415 August 1799 between French forces commanded by General of Division André Masséna and Major General von Franz Jellachich's brigade. The French lost 500 killed, wounded or missing, and the Austrians lost 2,400 men and six guns. [1] [2]

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