Belarusian Second League

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Belarusian Second League
CountryFlag of Belarus.svg  Belarus
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Belarusian First League
Current champions Dnepr Mogilev
Current: 2020 Belarusian Second League

Belarusian Second League is the third division of professional football in Belarus. It was established in 1992.


History and format

A strict number of teams and competition format are not defined for the league. Before the start of each season the format of the league is adjusted depending on how many teams are willing to participate and able to fulfill licensing criteria. A number of best teams (typically two, but not always) are getting promoted to Belarusian First League.

Second League in 2019


16 clubs will play twice (home and away) with each opponent for the total of 30 games. Two best teams will be promoted to Belarusian First League for 2019.

TeamLocationPosition in 2018
UAS Zhitkovichi
Underdog Chist Chist
Oshmyany Oshmyany 4
Uzda Uzda 5
Osipovichi Osipovichi 6
Ivatsevichi Ivatsevichi 7
Viktoriya Maryina Gorka 8
Molodechno Molodechno 9
SMIautotrans Smolevichi 10
Neman-Agro Stolbtsy 11
Kletsk Kletsk 12
Energetik-BGATU Minsk 13
Gorki Gorki 14
Belshina-2 Bobruisk n/a
Arsenal Dzerzhinsk n/a
DYuSSh-3-Stanles Pinsk n/a

Winners and promoted teams

SeasonChampionsAlso promoted
1992 Smena Minsk Albertin Slonim, ZLiN Gomel
1992–93 Brestbytkhim Brest
1993–94 Kardan-Flyers Grodno Ataka-Aura Minsk
1994–95 Fomalgaut Borisov (Group A), Naftan-Devon Novopolotsk (Group B) Dinamo-Juni Minsk
1995 MPKC-2 Minsk 1 (Group A), Maxim-Orsha (Group B) Stroitel Bereza
1996 BATE Borisov (Group A), Veino Mogilev Raion (Group B) Beloozyorsk, Dnepr Rogachev
1997 Dinamo-Energo Vitebsk (Group A), Svisloch-Krovlya Osipovichi (Group B) Polesye Kozenki, ZLiN Gomel
1998 Zvezda-VA-BGU Minsk (Group A), Granit Mikashevichi (Group B) Neman Mosty
1999 Traktor Minsk (Group A), Luninets (Group B)
2000 Darida Minsk Raion
2001 Lokomotiv Minsk Smorgon
2002 MTZ-RIPO Minsk Pinsk-900, Vertikal Kalinkovichi
2003 Baranovichi Veras Nesvizh
2004 Smena Minsk Orsha
2005 Torpedo-SKA Minsk 2 Pinsk-900, Polotsk
2006 Dinamo-Belcard Grodno Savit Mogilev
2007 PMC Postavy Lida, Spartak Shklov
2008 DSK Gomel
2009 Rudensk
2010 Gorodeya Slutsksakhar Slutsk, Klechesk Kletsk
2011 Lida Bereza-2010
2012 Smolevichi-STI Beltransgaz Slonim, Isloch Minsk Raion, Minsk-2
2013 Gomelzheldortrans Zvezda-BGU Minsk
2014 Baranovichi Krumkachy Minsk, Orsha, Kobrin
2015 Luch Minsk Torpedo Minsk, Oshmyany
2016 Volna Pinsk Osipovichi, Neman-Agro Stolbtsy
2017 UAS Zhitkovichi Chist
2018 Rukh Brest Krumkachy Minsk, Sputnik Rechitsa
2019 Arsenal Dzerzhinsk Oshmyany, Molodechno
2020 Dnepr Mogilev

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Belarusian Premier League Mens associtation football top division of Belarus

The Belarusian Premier League or the Vyšejšaja Liha or the Vysheyshaya Liga is the top division of professional football in Belarus, and is organized by the Belarusian Football Federation. The number of teams in the competition has varied over the years from as high as 17 to as low as 11 (2012). As of 2016, the league includes 16 teams. Each team plays every other team twice during the course of the season. At the end of the season, the two teams with the fewest points are automatically relegated to the Belarusian First League, while the third worst team plays a promotion-relegation playoff against the third best team from the second tier. The top two teams from the Belarusian First League automatically win promotion to the Premier League. Dinamo Brest are the current champions, after winning their first championship title in 2019.

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