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Bengt Holmström
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Holmström in 2013
Bengt Robert Holmström

(1949-04-18) 18 April 1949 (age 72)
Alma mater University of Helsinki (BS)
Stanford University (MS, PhD)
Robert B. Wilson
Jonathan Levin [1]
Awards Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2016)
Holmstrom at Nobel prize press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, December 2016 Nobel Laureates 0889 (30679343193).jpg
Holmström at Nobel prize press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, December 2016

Bengt Robert Holmström (born 18 April 1949) is a Finnish economist who is currently Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Together with Oliver Hart, he received the Central Bank of Sweden Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2016. [2]


Early life and education

Holmström was born in Helsinki, Finland on April 18, 1949, and belongs to the Swedish speaking minority of Finland. [3] He received his B.S. in mathematics and science from the University of Helsinki in 1972. [4] He also received a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from Stanford University in 1975.

He received his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford in 1978. [3] He moved to the United States in 1976. [5]


He worked as a corporate planner from 1972 until 1974, then was an assistant professor at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration from 1978 until 1979. [4] He served as an associate professor at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University (1979–1983) [4] and as the Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Management at Yale University’s School of Management (1983–1994). Holmström was elected Alumnus of The Year by the University of Helsinki Alumni Association in 2010.

He has been on the faculty of M.I.T. since 1994, when he was appointed professor of economics and management at the department of economics and Sloan School of Management. [4]

Holmström is particularly well known for his work on principal-agent theory. More generally, he has worked on the theory of contracting and incentives especially as applied to the theory of the firm, to corporate governance and to liquidity problems in financial crises. He praised the taxpayer-backed bailouts by the US government during the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and emphasizes the benefits of opacity in the money market. [6]

Holmström was elected member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters in 1992 and an honorary member of the same society in 2016. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Econometric Society, the European Economic Association [7] and the American Finance Association, and a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. In 2011, he served as President of the Econometric Society. He holds honorary doctorate degrees from the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, the University of Vaasa and the Hanken School of Economics in Finland.

Holmström was a member of Nokia's board of directors from 1999 until 2012. [8] [9] He is a member of the Board of the Aalto University. [10] [5]


He was awarded the 2012 Banque de France-TSE Senior Prize in Monetary Economics and Finance, the 2013 Stephen A. Ross Prize in Financial Economics and the 2013 Chicago Mercantile Exchange – MSRI Prize for Innovative Quantitative Applications.

In 2016, Holmström won the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel together with Oliver Hart "for their contributions to contract theory". [11]

Personal life

He is married to Anneli Holmström [12] with one son. [3]


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