Betty Stockfeld

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Betty Stockfeld
Actress Betty Stockfeld.jpg
Born(1905-01-15)15 January 1905
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died27 January 1966(1966-01-27) (aged 61)
Other namesBetty Stockfield
OccupationFilm and television actress
Years active1931–60

Betty Stockfeld (15 January 1905 27 January 1966), often misspelled "Stockfield", was an Australian film actress. [1] She appeared mostly in British and French films. [2]


Betty was the daughter of Sydney businessman Harry Hooper Stockfeld and Susan Elizabeth Stockfeld, née Evans, and a niece of commander F. Pryce Evans of Shackleton's Nimrod expedition. They were in London at the outbreak of war in 1914, so unable to return to Australia. [3] [4]

The following is the copied entry from the Hungarian National Picture Gallery, which refers to the picture of Stockfeld, by Philip de László, in their collection:-

"2932 Betty Stockfeld as Mary Magdalen 1930 Standing half-length to the right, face turned upwards, wearing a large white wrap over a flowing purple dress, her long red hair loose, her hands raised to her face in a gesture of grief, all against a grey-blue background. Oil on canvas, 93 x 72 cm (36 ½ x 28 ¼ in.) Inscribed lower left:-

Philip de László / 1930 Laib L16226(433) / C31(12) Magdalaine [sic] NPG Album, 1929-30, p. 30 Magyar Nemzeti Galéria (Hungarian National Gallery), Budapest".

The National Portrait Gallery, London's website, shows four of their six portraits of Stockfeld in their collection.


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