Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1982 film)

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt
DVD cover
Directed by John Laing
Produced byJohn Barnett
Written by David Yallop
Based onBeyond Reasonable Doubt
by David Yallop
Starring David Hemmings
John Hargreaves
Tony Barry
Martyn Sanderson
Music byDave Fraser
Cinematography Alun Bollinger
Edited byMichael Horton
Release date
Running time
129 minutes
CountryNew Zealand

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a 1982 New Zealand docu-drama feature film directed by John Laing and starring David Hemmings, John Hargreaves, Roy Billing, and Terence Cooper.


Plot synopsis

Arthur Allan Thomas is falsely convicted for the murder of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe and is later pardoned after 9 years in prison.



The film received mixed reviews which has largely been attributed to its avoidance of genre clichés. The film did receive praise when it screened at the 1981 Chicago Film Festival, with director John Laing recalling that "the audience was passionate". The film also received praise from Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun Times where he described it as a "remarkable film".[ full citation needed ]

In New Zealand the film was well received with Punch stating that it "inspires respect" and suggesting that the film "stirs [hope] that New Zealand may be about to join the cinema producing countries". Due to the high-profile nature of the case in New Zealand the film was described as a "story that a lot of people in the country wanted to forget about". In spite of this the film was New Zealand's most successful film until the release of Goodbye Pork Pie the following year. [1]

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