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Biagio Biagetti (21 July 1877 – 2 April 1948) was an Italian painter and art-restorer, mainly working with sacred subjects.

Italy republic in Southern Europe

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a country in Southern and Western Europe. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and the enclaved microstates San Marino and Vatican City. Italy covers an area of 301,340 km2 (116,350 sq mi) and has a largely temperate seasonal and Mediterranean climate. With around 61 million inhabitants, it is the fourth-most populous EU member state and the most populous country in Southern Europe.

Apotheosis of St Pius X, painted for the Duomo of Treviso Apoteosi di san Pio X (1914-1915) by Biagio Biagetti.jpg
Apotheosis of St Pius X, painted for the Duomo of Treviso


He was born in Porto Recanati and died in Macerata. He trained under Ludovico Seitz.

Porto Recanati Comune in Marche, Italy

Porto Recanati is a town with some 12,500 inhabitants in the province of Macerata, in the Marche region. of central Italy. It is the northeast coastal town of the province. It was made an independent town on 15 January 1893, when, due to a Decree signed by King Umberto I of Italy, Porto Recanati's coastal hamlets were separated from Recanati.

Macerata Comune in Marche, Italy

Macerata is a city and comune in central Italy, the county seat of the province of Macerata in the Marche region. It has a population of about 41,564.

Ludovico Seitz, also known as Ludwig Seitz, was an Italian painter.

In 1921, Pope Benedict XV appointed Biagetti to be Artistic Director for the Paintings Gallery and the Apostolic Palaces, a position he maintained through the papacy of Pius XII. There he worked on restorations of various works, including frescoes. He also worked on new mosaics and restorations. He was also a member of the Academy of St Luke, Rome. He retired in Recanati, in 1945 he was appointed to help with post-war Reconstruction. He also restored the old Academy of poetic "Disuguali", founded by Monaldo Leopardi. He painted one of the chapels in San Biagio, Pollenza. His paintings can be seen also in Loreto, Macerata, Jesi, Montelupone, Porto Recanati, Padova, Treviso, Parma, Udine, Lendinara, and Rome. [1]

Pope Benedict XV 258th Pope of the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XV, born Giacomo Paolo Giovanni Battista della Chiesa, was head of the Catholic Church from 3 September 1914 until his death in 1922. His pontificate was largely overshadowed by World War I and its political, social, and humanitarian consequences in Europe.

Monaldo Leopardi philosopher and politician from Italy

Count Monaldo Leopardi was an Italian philosopher, nobleman, politician and writer, notable as one of the main Italian intellectuals of the counter-revolution. His son Giacomo Leopardi was a poet and thinker with completely opposite views, which were probably the root cause of their discord.

San Biagio is a Neoclassical-style, Roman Catholic collegiate church located in the town of Pollenza, province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.

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Lorenzo Lotto Italian painter, draughtsman and illustrator

Lorenzo Lotto was an Italian painter, draughtsman and illustrator, traditionally placed in the Venetian school, though much of his career was spent in other North Italian cities. He painted mainly altarpieces, religious subjects and portraits. He was active during the High Renaissance and the first half of the Mannerist period, but his work maintained a generally similar High Renaissance style throughout his career, although his nervous and eccentric posings and distortions represented a transitional stage to the Florentine and Roman Mannerists.

Recanati Comune in Marche, Italy

Recanati is a town and comune in the Province of Macerata, in the Marche region of Italy. Recanati was founded around 1150 AD from three pre-existing castles. In 1290 it proclaimed itself an independent republic and, in the 15th century, was famous for its international fair. In March 1798 it was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Potenza Picena Comune in Marche, Italy

Potenza Picena is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Macerata in the Italian region of Marche, located about 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of Ancona and about 15 kilometres (9 mi) northeast of Macerata.

Luigi Fontana was an Italian sculptor, painter and architect.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Macerata-Tolentino-Recanati-Cingoli-Treia diocese of the Catholic Church

The Diocese of Macerata-Tolentino-Recanati-Cingoli-Treia is a Roman Catholic diocese in Italy. It is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Fermo.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Recanati

The Diocese of Recanati was a Roman Catholic diocese in Italy. It was founded in 1240 by Pope Gregory IX.

Marchigiano dialect

Marchigiano refers to a tight cluster of local Romance speech types spoken in the central part of the region Marche, in Italy, in a zone which includes the provinces of Ancona, Macerata and Fermo. It is one of the Central Italian dialect types, and forms part of the typological continuum with Umbrian dialects and Tuscan. There are notable grammatical, lexical and idiomatic differences between Marchigiano and standard Italian language, but it is generally considered, along with the rest of Central Italian dialects, rather intelligible for a speaker of Standard Italian.

Vincenzo Pagani was an Italian painter of the Rennaissance period.

Porto Potenza Picena Frazione in Marche, Italy

Porto Potenza Picena, also spelled Porto Potenza, is an Italian village, the most populated civil parish (frazione) of the municipality of Potenza Picena in the Province of Macerata, Marche region. As of 2001 census its population was of 7,154.

Pier Simone Fanelli Italian painter

Pier Simone Fanelli was an Italian painter active in the Region of the Marche, active in a Baroque style.

Francesco Saverio Moretti was an Italian painter active in the Marche region.

Santa Maria della Misericordia is a Renaissance-style, Roman Catholic basilica church and Marian shrine located on Piazza San Vincenzo Maria Strambi, next to the Cathedral, in the center of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.

Villa Colloredo Mels is a suburban palace located on Via Gregorio XII, on the western edge of the urban center of Recanati, province of Macerata, Marche, Italy. It presently houses the civic archeologic and art museum of the town.

San Giovanni Battista is a Neoclassic-style, Roman Catholic church located on Corso Giacomo Matteotti in the town of Porto Recanati, province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.

Chiesa della Banderuola, Porto Recanati

The Chiesetta della Banderuola is a small, Roman Catholic Marian shrine chapel within the town limits of Porto Recanati, province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.

Filippo Roccabella or Filippo Riccabella was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Recanati (1553–1571) and Bishop of Macerata (1546–1553).

Gerolamo Melchiori or Gerolamo Melchiorri was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Recanati (1573–1583) and Bishop of Macerata (1553–1573).

Galeazzo Moroni or Galeazzo Morone was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Macerata e Tolentino (1586–1613), Bishop of Recanati (1573–1592), Bishop of Macerata (1573–1586).