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Big Talk Productions Limited
IndustryFilm & TV
Founded11 February 1994;27 years ago (1994-02-11)
Founder Nira Park
United Kingdom
Parent ITV Studios

Big Talk Productions Limited is a British film and television production company founded by Nira Park in 1994. Big Talk was acquired by ITV Studios in 2013. [1]





2004 Shaun of the Dead
2007 Hot Fuzz
2010 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
2011 Paul
2011 Attack the Block
2012 Sightseers
2013 The World's End
2013 In Fear
2014 Cuban Fury
2015 Man Up
2016 Grimsby
2017 Baby Driver
2019 The Kid Who Would Be King
2020 Rebecca


2021 Last Night in Soho
TBA Baby Driver 2

Critical reception

FilmMetacriticRotten TomatoesReferences
Shaun of the Dead 7692% [2] [3]
Hot Fuzz 8191% [4] [5]
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 6982% [6] [7]
Paul 5771% [8] [9]
Attack the Block 7590% [10] [11]
Sightseers 6985% [12] [13]
The World's End 8189% [14] [15]
In Fear 6683% [16] [17]
Cuban Fury 5251% [18] [19]
Man Up 6882% [20] [21]
Grimsby 4438% [22] [23]
Baby Driver 8693% [24] [25]
The Kid Who Would Be King 6690% [26] [27]

Commercial performance

FilmBudgetDomestic GrossWorldwide GrossReference
Shaun of the Dead $6,100,000$13,542,874$30,039,392 [28]
Hot Fuzz $12,000,000$23,637,265$80,573,774 [29]
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World $60,000,000$31,524,275$47,664,559 [30]
Paul $40,000,000$37,412,945$97,984,015 [31]
Attack the Block $13,000,000$1,024,175$5,824,175 [32]
Sightseers N/A$61,782$2,122,909 [33]
The World's End $20,000,000$26,004,851$46,089,287 [34]
In Fear N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cuban Fury $1,500,000$92,384$5,645,773 [35]
Man Up N/AN/A$2,405,002 [36]
Grimsby $35,000,000$6,828,166$19,047,965 [37]
Baby Driver $34,000,000$107,825,862$226,945,087 [38]
The Kid Who Would Be King $59,000,000$16,790,790$32,140,970 [39]

TV shows

List of TV shows

1999–2001 Spaced
2000–2004 Black Books
2009 Free Agents
2010–2013 Him & Her
2010–2014 Rev.
2011–2020 Friday Night Dinner
2011 King Of...
2011The Pranker
2011 Show Me the Funny
2011 Comedy Showcase: Chickens
2011–2012 Threesome
2011 Patrick Monahan Live
2012 Friday Night Dinner (US)
2013–2016 Raised By Wolves
2013–2015 The Job Lot
2013 Chickens
2013–2014 Youngers
2013 Ambassadors
2014 Mr. Sloane
2014 Our Zoo
2016 Crashing
2016 Houdini and Doyle
2016–2019 Mum
2016–2020 Cold Feet
2017 Just a Couple
2017–present Back
2017–2019 Living the Dream
2018 Bliss
2018 The Imitation Game
2019–present The Goes Wrong Show

Awards and nominations

2017Diversity in Media AwardsProduction Company of the YearBig Talk ProductionsNominated

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