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Billy Halop
Billy Halop
William Halop

(1920-02-11)February 11, 1920
Jamaica, New York, United States
DiedNovember 9, 1976(1976-11-09) (aged 56)
Brentwood, California, United States
Resting place Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery
OccupationActor, registered nurse
Years active19311976
Spouse(s)Helen Tupper (m.19461947; divorced)
Barbara Hoon (m.19481958; divorced)
Suzanne Roe (m.19601967; divorced)

William Halop (February 11, 1920 – November 9, 1976) was an American actor.


Life and career

Halop came from a theatrical family; his mother was a dancer, and his sister, Florence Halop [1] , was an actress who worked on radio and in television. Additionally, he had a brother named Joel. [2]

In 1933, he was given the lead as Bobby Benson in the popular new radio show The H-Bar-O Rangers . [3] From 1934 to 1937, he starred in one of his first radio series, playing Dick Kent, the son of Fred and Lucy Kent, in "Home Sweet Home". [4]

While studying at the Professional Children's School [2] in New York, he was cast as Tommy Gordon in the 1935 Broadway production of Sidney Kingsley's Dead End [5] and traveled to Hollywood with the rest of the Dead End Kids when Samuel Goldwyn produced a film version of the play in 1937. Usually called Tommy in the films, he had the recurring role of a gang leader in a series of films that featured the Dead End Kids, later billed Little Tough Guys. In his later years, he claimed that he was paid more than the other Dead End actors, which had contributed to bad feelings in the group, and that he was tired of the name "Dead End Kids". He played with James Cagney in Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), and he also played the bully Harry Flashman, speaking with an English accent, in the 1940 film Tom Brown's School Days opposite Cedric Hardwicke and Freddie Bartholomew.

After serving in World War II in the US Army Signal Corps, he found that he had grown too old to be effective in the roles that had brought him fame. At one point, he was reduced to starring in a cheap East Side Kids imitation at PRC studios, Gas House Kids (1946), at age 26. Diminishing film work, marital difficulties, and a drinking problem eventually ate away at his show business career.[ citation needed ]

In the 1970s, Halop enjoyed a career resurgence playing the character Bert Munson, cab driver and close friend to Archie Bunker on the television series "All in the Family". He appeared in 10 episodes from 1971 to 1975, including the famed "Sammy's Visit" episode from the second season in 1972 starring Sammy Davis, Jr.

Personal life

Halop was married at least four times, according to interviews given near the end of his life. Helen Tupper was his first wife from 1946 until their divorce in 1947. On Valentine's Day, 1948, he married Barbara Hoon. Their marriage lasted ten years until their divorce in 1958. His third marriage in 1960 to Suzanne Roe, who had multiple sclerosis, lasted until their divorce in 1967.

The nursing skills he learned while taking care of his third wife led him to steady work as a registered nurse at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California. His fourth marriage, to a nurse coworker, whose name has not been publicized, was quickly annulled after she allegedly attacked him. He later moved back in with his second wife Barbara, but they chose not to remarry. [ citation needed ]

Following two heart attacks, Halop underwent open-heart surgery in the fall of 1971. [1]


Halop died on November 9, 1976 at the age of 56 from a heart attack, and is interred at Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.


Films (partial)


1951 The Bigelow Theatre UnknownEpisode Crossroad
1952 Racket Squad SalesmanEpisode Accidentally on Purpose
1952 The Unexpected Anthony 'Tony' O'BrienEpisode Born Again
1953 Boston Blackie Johnny EvansEpisode The Heist Job
1953 The Cisco Kid Dr. Jerome Alpers / Cass Rankin2 episodes
1953-1954 Your Favorite Story Randy Warren / Pidge3 episodes
1954 Robert Montgomery Presents UnknownEpisode The Pale Blond of Sand Street
1954 The Jack Benny Program Call Boy / Delivery Man2 episodes
1955 Big Town Marty "Killer" CraigEpisode Egomaniac
1956 Steve Donovan, Western Marshal Fred RoweEpisode Stone River
1957 Telephone Time Chaplain Raymond HallEpisode Jumping Parson
1958 Playhouse 90 Fourth CounsellorEpisode Free Weekend
1959 The Thin Man AlEpisode The Perfect Servant
1959 Colonel Humphrey Flack AmbrosEpisode West of the Weirdos
1959 Richard Diamond, Private Detective Charlie ColeEpisode Two for Paradise
1959 Highway Patrol Steve DornEpisode Desperate Men
1960 Wanted: Dead or Alive CashierEpisode Mental Lapse
1961 77 Sunset Strip Tim ActonEpisode The Space Caper
1961 87th Precinct Richard SamuelsonEpisode Lady Killer
1961OutlawsGradyEpisode The Verdict
1962 Wagon Train Mr. BrewsterEpisode The Jeff Hartfield Story
1962 The New Breed UnknownEpisode Walk this Street Lightly
1962-1964 Perry Mason Barman / Man / Corbett3 episodes
1963 I'm Dickens, He's Fenster AttendantEpisode Mr. Takeover
1963 The Courtship of Eddie's Father Milkman
1963 Going My Way Mr. ThompsonEpisode A Tough Act to Follow
1963 Glynis RileyEpisode '"Ten Cents a Dance
1963 The Fugitive MikeEpisode Terror at High Point
1963, 1965 The Andy Griffith Show Tiny / Charlie2 episodes
1963 The Fugitive MikeEpisode Terror At High Point
1963-1964 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett Drive-in ticket clerk / Newspaper Man / Pool Hall Manager3 episodes
1964 Vacation Playhouse Soldier #2Episode Papa G.I.
1965 The F.B.I. ManagerEpisode To Free My Enemy
1965, 1968 Gomer Pyle: USMC Attendant / Hawkins2 episodes
1966-1967 Gunsmoke Bartender / Barney3 episodes
1969 Adam-12 Judge George PerkinsEpisode Log 123: Courtroom
1969 Land of the Giants Bartender HarryEpisode Our Man O'Reilly
1970 Julia Security GuardEpisode Ready, Aim, Fired
1970 Bracken's World Pat, the projectionist2 episodes
1971-1976 All in the Family Bert Munson10 episodes
1971 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury BartEpisode Operation: Bandera
1974 The Phantom of Hollywood Studio EngineerTV film

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