Bobby Rondinelli

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Bobby Rondinelli
Birth nameRobert Rondinelli
Born (1955-07-27) July 27, 1955 (age 65)
Genres Hard rock, blues rock, heavy metal
InstrumentsDrums, percussion, guitar
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Robert Rondinelli (born July 27, 1955) is a rock drummer best known for his work with the hard rock/heavy metal bands Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow, Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, The Lizards, The Handful, and Rondinelli. In July 2013, Rondinelli was announced as the new drummer for the Axel Rudi Pell band, replacing previous drummer Mike Terrana. [1] Rondinelli has played on subsequent albums and tours, and remains with the band at time of writing (February 2016).



Rondinelli plays Ludwig drums, Attack drumheads, and Paiste cymbals.

Drums: Ludwig:

Rondinelli plays on a standard size Ludwig set that usually comprises a bass, snare, rack tom, and two floor toms, though he may periodically slightly alter his setup depending on the artist he is playing with and the venue.

Cymbals: Paiste:


[ citation needed ]

1981 Rainbow Difficult to Cure
2016RainbowBoston 1981
1982Rainbow Straight Between the Eyes
1982RainbowLive Between The Eyes
1986Rainbow Finyl Vinyl Rondinelli features on several tracks
1996Rondinelli Wardance Recorded in 1985
1989 Doro Force Majeure
1993 Quiet Riot Terrified
1994 Black Sabbath Cross Purposes
1995Black Sabbath Cross Purposes Live
1995 Sun Red Sun Sun Red Sun
1999Sun Red SunLost Tracks
2000Sun Red SunSunset
1998 Blue Öyster Cult Heaven Forbid Track 9: "Live for Me"
1998 McCoy BrainstormTrack 9, 13
1998Dali GaggersJust ad Nauseam
1998Dali GaggersConfessions of a Spooky Kid
2000The SignSigns of Life
2001Blue Öyster Cult Curse of the Hidden Mirror
2002Blue Öyster Cult A Long Day's Night
2002RondinelliOur Cross, Our Sins
2002 Riot Through the Storm
2003 Mark Stein White Magik
2003The LizardsRule
2005The LizardsCold blooded kings
2005The LizardsLive At B.B. King - NYC
2005 Foghat Official Bootleg DVD # 1 2002-2004
2005The LizardsThey live !
2006The LizardsAgainst all odds
2008The LizardsArcheology
2014 Axel Rudi Pell Into the Storm
2015The LizardsReptilicus Maximus
2015The HandfulSons of Downtown
2015Axel Rudi PellMagic Moments: 25th Anniversary Special Show
2016Axel Rudi Pell Game of Sins
2016The Last DitchesSpilt Milk
2017Mark DudaMonth of Sundays
2018Axel Rudi PellKnights Call
2019Axel Rudi PellXXX Anniversary Live
2020Axel Rudi PellSign of the Times

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