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Location in Buzău County
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Location in Romania
Coordinates: 45°19′20″N27°14′40″E / 45.32222°N 27.24444°E / 45.32222; 27.24444 Coordinates: 45°19′20″N27°14′40″E / 45.32222°N 27.24444°E / 45.32222; 27.24444
CountryFlag of Romania.svg  Romania
County Buzău
  Mayor (20202024) Marian Mărgărit [1] (PSD)
 (2011) [2]
Time zone EET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg. BZ

Boldu is a commune in Buzău County, Muntenia, Romania. It is composed of a single village, Boldu.


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